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  1. Hi everyone! This is my first time posting, so I hope I do this correctly....
    Has anyone else applied to Lurie Children's New Graduate Program beginning in March? I know that the new graduate positions came down only last week, has anyone heard back yet? When I followed up they said it may be a little longer until anyone hears!
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  3. by   nietzche
    Hi slugirl. I applied to the position, I had an interview 1.5 weeks ago. Not really leaning on the positive side. I have heard many stories about internal applicants. Internal will outdo me for sure. The HR lady said I would hear back in 1.5-2 weeks. Hopefully something by this week. I wonder if I was just a quota for interviews.
  4. by   tafrick44

    You are lucky you received an interview!! I applied the day it was posted as well and hadn't heard anything back. I hounded HR to let me know and they said that they were still interviewing, but they passed on my application. Pretty depressing.

    Good luck to those who get it. I'm extremely jealous
  5. by   nietzche
    I have a question. On the lurie children's website, for job status that you applied to, does it still show up? Is the status section still blank? I know the status has been blank since the beginning, but I am wondering if yours still show up, and is still blank? Thank you very much.
  6. by   tafrick44
    When I log on, it still showed the status as being blank. Had originally emailed HR and asked when and if you are notified when you are not accepted and he said that they do send out an email. I waited another week or so and then I emailed again asking about my status and he said that they were still interviewing and that the manager had passed on my application. Pretty depressing. I have 10 yrs hospital experience and I've floated everywhere. I also have my PALs, NRP, and ACLs. I still didn't get an interview. I requested the manager's feed back for passing and am still waiting. Good luck to anyone who gets it!
  7. by   nietzche
    Thank you very much for your quick response! I'm glad to hear from you that I will be finally notified if I do not get it. I am a new grad so I am sure my interviewing process is different than yours, in that, I'm going against new grads obviously. The internship starts march 4th, so new grads should know by this week, maybe next week too; not sure. Since you're not a new grad, you have a chance still because I don't think there is a deadline for experienced nurses on when it all starts. I'm not sure. Thanks again for letting me know that I will receive some notice saying I did or didn't get it. I hope the person who told you was telling the truth.
  8. by   nietzche
    Slugirl RN I have a question about your status online. When you log onto lurie children's and you look at your profile, do your applications still show up? And is the status section still blank?
  9. by   tafrick44

    I am a new grad as well. I graduated in October 2012 and took my boards in January. I felt that I was highly qualified for the program at Children's and didn't even get an interview.

    I doubt they notify you at this point. I had to harass an HR representive to get some answers. I realized that last year I applied for their fall program but was turned down because I hadn't graduated yet. I never received any feedback from the hospital until I emailed HR. When I applied this year, my old application was still there with a the status still showing nothing. The program starts in less than 2 weeks. I feel like you should have heard something by now. Good luck. I would try and get a hold of someone from there. It's disappointing to have hope and then be crushed.
  10. by   tafrick44
    I meant that I am a new grad, but I have 10 yrs experience working in a hospital. I work as a nurse's aid in our critical care unit. But over the years I've floated and worked on different units, learned to do staffing and bed placement as well as payroll.
  11. by   SLUgirl_RN
    Hi! I actually had an interview about three weeks ago and accepted a position! But, a friend of mine just heard back about her interview and also was offered a position. So I think they are definitely still letting people know! Good luck!!
  12. by   tafrick44

    Do you and your friend know someone there?
    What kind of experience do you have?
    I'm just curious because I really want a NICU position.

  13. by   SLUgirl_RN
    Hi Tafrick44, no I did not! I have tech experience as well as critical care experience. Best of luck to you!
  14. by   tafrick44
    Well thanks for replying. I really wish I would have gotten an interview. The job search has been awful and this was the one position I felt I was really qualified for. Very discouraging.