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  1. Hello, I was just wondering if there was anyone out there who has applied for a student nurse position at Loyola? After applying to about a dozen student nurse positions, Loyola was the only one that called me back today! I am excited and nervous about my interview next week. My clinical instructor told me that working as a student nurse is a good way to get your foot in the door after graduation and I definitely do not want to blow it!! Has anyone worked here as a PCT before? What about other student nurse programs? Anyone have any look with getting into other hospitals?
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  3. by   SuburbsGirl
    Working there is fine if your intention is to try to get a job there, but unless they've changed in the past year, Loyola pays their Techs worse than any place I've ever seen. I made $11.30 an hour when I left in July 2012 to take a RN job at another hospital.

    They are competitive with RN starting salary but tech salary is awful.

    Just for example, there is a post here about Palos Hospital pay rate for CNA. Someone said 3 years ago it was $15.

    The 2 years I worked there, I considered leaving several times, but just didn't have the ambition to interview while attending nursing school.

    My Loyola manager offered me a job after I graduated, but she's a B, and I received an offer from a suburb hospital that I accepted instead. Loyola is a good place to learn but honestly it just isn't all that.
  4. by   rma2lpn
    Thanks for responding! Lmbo at your post! You are definitely correct regarding the pay for techs...it has increased but only to 12.50 per hour. I was surprised as well when they offered me the position. I was going to take it anyway just to gain some experience, however i had to declinenit because their orientation for techs is 2 weeks straight and I attend a Chamberlain which is a all year round BSN program so I couldnt take the time out from school. I'm a little bummed about this. So my search continues...thanks again :-)
  5. by   rbesic09
    Hello! I know this is an older post but it came up when I did a search on this content. I am currently a nursing student and would like to gain acute care experience because I currently work in a LTC facility. I came across the Student RN PCT position at Loyola Medical Center in Maywood that the OP was inquiring about. Has anyone talked to HR about this role? I'm wondering if this Student RN PCT role allows you to perform more advanced tasks because you are a nursing student? So more skills than just a PCT would do. I'm happy to do tech skills and patient care of that level but I was hoping to gain additional skills that will help in my pursuit to become an RN. If anyone knows about any differences between this role and could give some details that would be great!! Thanks!

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