Loyola ABSN program questions!

  1. Hello all,

    I was wondering if anyone here could tell me a bit about Loyola's accelerated BSN program?
    How hard is it to get into the program? How challenging are the courses? Any scholarships available or financial aid? Is there a hands on experiences? How valued is the program? Any information is helpful.

    I am so lost.

    My original goal was to go to Truman for RN program and later transfer to UIC and do online RN to BSN program while I work as a RN nurse.
    After searching the forums, I've realized that getting a job as a RN is pretty much impossible so I am considering attending full time BSN program instead.
    I've already submitted application for RN program at Truman and my classes will start this fall, 2014. Loyola's ABSN program, on the other hand, starts each semester, so I could start with ABSN in spring 2015. If I decline RN program at Truman in hopes of getting into Loyola and lets say I don't get accepted into Loyola, I would waste whole year. While if I get into Loyola, it will take me same time to get BSN as it would ADN at a city college, which means I would save approximately 1 to 2 years of UIC education.

    That is why I need to know how competitive and how challenging is to get into ABSN at Loyola?

    Any information helps.

    Thanks bunch

    PS. I've completed all of the pre-reques except general chemistry and Organic Chem. I plan on taking general chemistry over the summer and organic during fall semester. My current GPA is 4.0.
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  3. by   MrChicagoRN
    If you already have a degree, and can swing the ABSN financially, go for it.

    You need to contact Loyola ASAP so you can learn the specifics of their program.
  4. by   CaliRN13
    It's a tough program and quite expensive so you won't be able to work full-time while going (if you'll need to do that to afford the program/living expenses). Some of the people in my cohort worked part-time, but I knew I wouldn't be able to handle that AND keep up academically. I agree with MrChicagoRN.. Contact Loyola. They were willing to answer all of my questions and then some before I even applied. There are a number of scholarships that are offered to ABSNers so make sure that you ask about those when you contact Loyola.

    I don't know how many people apply to the program each cohort, but my cohort started with about 60 students. Even though it was really hard at times, it's worth it for that BSN edge when applying to jobs right now. Loyola also works with a LOT of different hospitals, so during clinical you have the opportunity to make positive impressions and hopefully land a job at the end I had clinical at about 5 different hospitals. Even if you end up at the same hospital a couple of times, you still have the opportunity to make an impression on different units.

    There is a lot of "hands on" type work with this program, not just in clinical but in labs and simulations. The new nursing facility is amazing. I participated in a number of simulations that were extremely helpful with critical thinking skills under pressure. I also participated in a simulation with medical students which was an invaluable experience! We learned a lot from one another.

    Hopefully this information helps a little bit! I'm not sure if you mentioned what your previous bachelor's degree is in, but I personally loved learning with nursing students who have such different backgrounds.. You will meet a lot of very awesome people and you will learn how to use your own unique educational background to your advantage as a nurse. Best of luck to you!
  5. by   JL23
    Hi CaliRN13,

    I know this is a bit old but I am looking into the ABSN at Loyola but currently live in Long Beach, CA. You mentioned your program started out with 60 students. Just curious how many fell off by the time you graduated?