lewis university or resurrection?

  1. I'm having the hardest time deciding between these two programs. The pros with Lewis are that i've read good things about their program but I haven't read much information and i've always heard that the program was super tough and that they are really strict with their 2 failing grade rule. The cons so far are that I wouldnt start nursing courses until the spring and the clinical sites are far out. Also, there absn program is a bit longer than ResU. With resurrection, I could start my nursing courses in the fall and it's located in the city where there are a lot of hospitals for clinical. But I've heard some negative things about the program and I don't know how accurate they are. My parents, of course, want me to go to ResU so I can start my courses immediately but I want to go with the better school since ultimately that's what's going to help me. Can anyone who has gone to either school or knows more about either program give me better insight?
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  4. by   MidLifeRN2012
    Lewis will also make you take a course or 2 in religious/humanities above what you need for the requirements for RES. At least that is what was required when I looked into this a few years ago. So RES is easier to get into.

    But you already saw my personal experience in the RES program on another thread

    You will pass NCLEX in the RESU program. They well prepare you well for the exam. No review course after grad needed other than maybe a Saunders or Kaplan study guide.
  5. by   mpate71
    Hi, I am actually in the middle of making that same decision. I would be in the accelerated program in both universities, but can not decide where to go. I have heard Lewis is a tough program, and have't heard anything about resU. Let me know what you decide to do and why, this poll really helps fyi!
  6. by   The Lady Kate
    I'm a senior nursing student at lewis right now. If anyone has questions let me know!
  7. by   supraman
    Hi! Sorry to revive an old thread but I've been looking at Lewis U's ABSN program and had the following questions:

    I've read a few of the threads here about this program and lots of students were saying that it's extremely rigorous. I wanted to know exactly what students considered difficult about the program. Looking at the course schedule, semesters are divided into two 8-week segments with usually 2/ max of 3 courses per segment. Each of these 8-week segments is 5-6 credit hours (plus clinicals on the weekends). Now I know that all nursing programs are going to be very rigorous but I'm trying to understand how this compares to other ABSN programs which consist of 4 semesters and about 6 courses each semester. Sure, Lewis' program condenses courses to 8 weeks, but at the end of the day you're only juggling two courses at a time as opposed to 6 in other programs. Additionally, courses take place 2-3 days a week at nights, with the rest of the week available to study. Perhaps there is something I'm missing so any insight would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!!
  8. by   ginamarie1255
    What was your GPA getting into both of the programs?
  9. by   ewelyn22
    Hi Katie93,

    Could you please share your experience with Lewis ?Where did you take the pre-reqs?How often are the classes?Thanks so much!