Lewis University in Illinois

  1. Does anybody go here? Looking into the nursing program there!
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  3. by   Medic2RN
    Moved to the Illinois State Nursing Programs forum for more of a response.
  4. by   melc0305
    I am taking a couple of pre-reqs there now and am accepted into the ABSN program there starting Summer 2013. I'm not sure I'll be able to attend due to the cost of the program.
  5. by   stephanne
    How was the entrance test? Did you have to drive to the school to take it or was it offered at regional locations? I'm super close to oakbrook lol
  6. by   melc0305
    I don't know if they offer it at other campuses or not. Romeoville is the closest to me so that's where I took it. They use the Kaplan admission test and only look at the Math and Reading scores. The test also has science and writing portions (more like grammar/interpreting) but they don't factor those scores in.

    The reading was pretty easy for me...just read 3-4 paragraph essays and answer questions about the intent of the writing. The math had lot of fractions, decimals, conversions, easy word problems. Math is my weakness and I passed it. I used the Kaplan Nursing test review guide and it helped prepare me for the math session.

    This is all for the Accelerated program so I am just assuming it is the same for the "regular" BSN but you should double check it's the same process.
  7. by   NurseLouise
    Hello! I just took the Kaplan admission test today for Lewis's ABSN program and felt very sick halfway into the writing (but completed the math and reading). I passed both math and reading but scored super low in writing and science as I was hurrying just to finish so I didn't get sick. Will this count against me? Again, my scores for reading and math again were over 82% as required.
  8. by   melc0305
    When I took it, they only looked at the math and reading section scores. So unless they've changed that in the past year, you should be good! Trust me, I got a 25% on the science section as I had not taken any pre-reqs at the time. And I'm in the program now, so they won't hold it against you!
  9. by   NurseLouise
    Perfect!! Yay I'm so excited! Thanks so much for the feedback! How soon after you took it did you get invited to the informational session? Also how so you like the program?