Legislature aobut to give nursing responsiblities to lay people

  1. The bill, House bill 146 cleverly nicknamed "the care act", allows unlicensed persons to be trained (not delegated to by a nurse) to do nursing procedures for diabetic students without school nurse coverage. Please take a look and let your representative know that the only safe solution for kids with chronic diseases in schools, diabetes, seizures, severe asthma, is a nurse. Please call today

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  3. by   traumaRUs
    Hi Martha - am unsure if you an APN or not. However, I belong to the IL Society of Advanced Practice Nurses and we are vehemently opposed to this piece of legislature. With our IL nurse practice act sundowning this year, we must all come together to put us in the best possible place to practice nursing as it should be. (Judi steps off the soapbox).