Kishwaukee College Anyone???

  1. Hi, just received word that I got into Nursing school Jan 07 at Kishwaukee College in Malta, IL (next to Dekalb, "NIU"). SO EXCITED!!! Anyone out there that has gone to Kish and can give me advice? Or any students that might be in class with me????

    Nursing Rocks!!!
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  3. by   nrstob08

    i am at NIU but just wanted to wish you the best of luck. My advice is to study really hard especially for your first set of exams, know your work, be open to input from your instructors and your classmates. It will get rough at times but dont give up, you are in an incredible program and 'am sure you will make a great nurse.
  4. by   Duggerchick
    Thanks!! I am very nervous. I've heard that there is such a decrease in your graduating class from semester to semester. Not sure if that is do to drop outs or being kicked out, I've heard rumors of both!! Oh well...I guess I won't really know until I actually get into the program.
    P.S. You are so lucky...I heard that NIU uniforms are soooo much better than Kish's!! :-)
  5. by   nrstob08
    we have had people dropping out. I know of one person who decided that nursing was not for them and another one who gave up after doing badly on the 1st set of exams.

    The thing is, you can never ever give up, you have to keep going until the last day. The 1st semester is no joke but all you have to do is get a "C" to get into the 2nd semester, then you can focus on doing better and getting A's and B's but you cannot give up just because you had one horrible exam.

    i know of someone who is going to have to take some of the classess again which is ok because some people take a while to get into the rhythm and the change of pace and studying of nursing school at the end of the day we all write the same NCLEX exam and no one really cares about your grades when you get out into the real world and start working, i think they are just happy that you made it, you crossed the finished line :mortarboard:

    Our uniforms are really cool, black pants and red scrub tops with our badges on the left sleeve, i have to say so myself we do look GOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!

    Does kish still have the green scrub tops and black pants?
  6. by   Duggerchick
    They are hunter green pants(tapered legs) and a white polo with a green vest...yuck!! Oh well, I guess it'll be worth it. LOL

    This one girl I talked to had said that her starting class was 40 and she is in her 3rd semester @ Kish with only 15. That scared me ALOT! But thanks for your words of encouragement. I can't wait to just get started and see for myself.

    Happy holidays!!
  7. by   moonbunnie
    Hi, I just graduated from NIU, but I worked at Kish Hospital with a few girls who were in the nursing program at Kish. Out of 3 that I worked with, one was kicked out for low scores in clinicals, one kicked out for low test scores, and one graduated 8 weeks behind. So, I don't know, I guess this isn't a very encouraging story, sorry But, I think you really need to be prepared at all times and study hard, and you'll do fine.
  8. by   angelinab
    Hey there. Just finished first year at kish. Starting 2nd year in Aug. Best advice, practice for comps earlier than the week before!

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