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  1. I just took my TEAS test today and just wondering where I stand. Is there anyone who has already made it into Moraine Valley Community College Nursing program or someone who is also applying. My math score was a 30 (93.3%) and Science was a 48 (72.9%). The adviser said my scores were good, but i am still nervous. For those not familiar with MVCC they only take your math and science scores.
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  3. by   Reese2012
    Why does it have on moraine valley's website, that the minimum to pass the test is a 60% in each subject, if they only require science and math? Also, is it new that they just changed the TEAS to only be able to take it twice before applying?
  4. by   tnbutterfly
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  5. by   number8
    Moraine requires people to pass the reading and english portion with a 60%(i think just to make sure you're somewhat with it), but when it comes to ranking for acceptance they take only your math and science and combine it somehow and come up with a number. Now if you have taken BIO180 (a&p I) and got an A your receive 3 extra points. As for taking the teas, they only allow you to take it twice for one application period.
  6. by   Reese2012
    ok thanks, answering your question about your chance to get in, as long as you have a good gpa to to go with your TEAS I dont see why you would not be accepted.
  7. by   shirley123amos
    Number 8, did you end up getting in with those scores?!! I just applied for Fall 2012 with an 80% in math and a 77.1% in science, plus 3 extra points for A & P I...I am soooo nervous even though the woman in the records department said my ranking score was good. Would love to know if you got it and how it is going! Thanks so much