Joliet Junior College Prereqs

  1. i am finishing taking my prereqs at jjc and was looking for advice/info on the classes there. i am taking nutrition online this summer and microbiology in the fall. i am hoping to take a&p ii in spring 2012 and soc 290 in summer 2012 (probably online). i work full time during the day so i have been taking one class a semester.

    anyone currently in these classes or going to be taking them? how are the online courses? any instructors you recommend, study tips, etc?

    any info would be greatly appreciated!
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  3. by   Morribee
    The online nutrition course at JJC is mostly a lot of busywork. There's only one teacher I know of that teaches it online and half your grade will come from discussion board postings. Make sure you understand her guidelines for how many posts/replies to each question you need each week to get full marks.

    I don't think we're allowed to discuss specific teachers here, but if you have questions I'd be happy to try and answer them in PM. I'm enrolled in micro and Soc 290 right now, and have taken the rest of the courses listed in your post at JJC. I'll be starting the nursing program in August.
  4. by   capella44
    Thanks so much for the info! I will send you a PM...curious about what you think about your instructors. I don't have much of a choice since I have to take evening classes, but it would be nice to know what I am getting into.

    And congrats on starting in August!
  5. by   Blue Cat
    If you are hoping to apply and get accepted to the nursing program as soon as possible, I would recommend that you take your A&P classes this summer (Bio 250) and fall (Bio 251), and take the micro in the future. I know the science courses fill up so quickly, but if a 250 course opens up for the second session of this summer, you could potentially apply to the nursing program this August. You can apply and get accepted to the nursing program without having taken micro; even without having completed Bio 251 if your GPA is high and you do well on your TEAS. You just have to have micro before starting your 3rd semester in the nursing program.

    I did not take my nutrition class online, but I have taken other classes online and there is a lot of busy work. I much prefer face to face, but it's not always possible.

    Good luck to you!
  6. by   determined_30
    I have taken online classes at JJC. I have all A'S in all my online classes except psych 215 I have a B. I f anyone here have advice on teas five please post. I relly need to do good on this test. I anyone has notes for any prerequisite classes please post. I still have to take intro bio 151 chem 100 bio 250 bio 251 bio 240 and soc 290.
  7. by   Blue Cat
    The only advice I would have for the TEAS would be to purchase the study guide and the online practice tests. Once you start doing the practice tests, you'll know where you need to focus your studying.
  8. by   determined_30
    thanks Blue Cat. Have you gotten in to the program? If so what was your composite score and grades for prerequisites that helped you get in?
  9. by   Blue Cat
    Yes, I just completed my first semester. I had completed all but Bio 251 and 240 when I applied, and had a 4.0 gpa for the prereqs I had completed. My TEAS composite was 85.3; Reading: 92.9, English: 93.3.

    Good luck to you.
  10. by   determined_30
    thank you