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  1. Hello! New member and also recently accepted into the fall JJC program (yay!)... So now that I have a summer off before I become submerged in student nurse life, I have been trying to find all the info I can possibly get! I did a search and found only a few posts related to JJC, so I thought I'd try to seek out some more info. and possibly some reciprocal support:wink2:.

    Supplies: Does anybody have any input on tech. stuff? I keep reading about PDAs and Laptops being lifelines. Are they used by many, or not looked well uppon in the class? Has anyone had any experience at JJCs nursing program in regards to the usage of these tech tools, & any pros and cons? What about usage of PDAs during clinicals (Any input on St Joes versus Silver Cross' policies)? What about the textbooks and supplies? Have students hunted down deals or broken down and just gone to the bookstore?

    Beyond ADN: Are there any current or former students that have or are in the middle of using one of those cooperative/bridge type programs for getting your BSN? What are or have your experiences been like? Oh, esp. mom experiences.

    Any and all other tips, suggestions, guidance, YOU NAME IT is greatly accepted! Thanks from an anticipating anxious one!
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  3. by   TracyB,RN
    Good luck at JUCO.... Graduated from there many years ago, great program.

    I used a PDA for calculations & stuff... had some quizzes I had downloaded.

    Back then, Joes & Silver didn't have any policies on PDA's. Things changed, as do policies.

    As far as books, I always bought new. I wanted the marks in the book to be my own (highlighting, notes in margins, that kind of thing)... I finally got rid of my books about 1 year ago.

    Not much else to add, except good luck!
  4. by   Ede
    HI, I was recently accepted to JJC nursing program too. I will start August 25th night classes. How about you, day or night?
  5. by   Ede
    Hi, I am starting nursing at JJC August 25th, night classes. How about you?
  6. by   KarmaInMotion
    Hi Ede! Looks like we're in the same boat. I'm on the night class sched. too. Feel free to send me a PM if you wanna discuss anything, trade emails or whatever.
  7. by   Ede
    Hi KarmaInMotion
    nice to hear from you. We might even be in the same class, that would be cool. I registered with allnurses in 2006 but I never used it, so I am very new how it works in replying and stuff. Sure, I'd love to exchange e-mails, but is it OK to post my e-mail the way I post this message?
  8. by   KarmaInMotion
    Heya Ede. Just click on my name in a post and it'll give you an option to email me. I have been on here like crazy since I found the site. It is just such a great source for info. And yeah, I think it would be so nice to find someonein the same class to talk to before class starts about our shared anxieties and concerns.
  9. by   Ede
  10. by   Ede
    HI again, you pm'ed me saying they don't give too many to use. What did you mean by that?
  11. by   verytallnurse
    Hello JJC students!
    Hope you are enjoying your summer, visit your friends and families NOW since crazy life is about to start! I graduated in '06 but still remember the stress. Soo.. who are your teachers ? I am so glad they opened the night classes, it will be easier for some students with families.
    I bought the PDA when I was in 4th semester and yes, we can use it - but there was no time to sit around and look for things in it. It was easier to pull out the book in the unit or backpack and look it up since that kind of stuff you can use in your process papers and you can show the text to teacher since she uses the SAME book. But if you use your PDA on daily basis - then you might be fine. Especialy if you have a drug book '08 in it or to look up some unknown to you disease in patient's history. So that's totally up to you! One thing I know - basic computer and good PRINTER is a must! No one ever brought laptop in a class - you will NOT be a popular student... Same thing for your PDA use during the lecture unless there is some group game you are doing.. or looking things up for a class. Use basic programs when doing papers - trust me: there will time when your printer is not doing anything and papers are due in 1 hour.. You will put it on the CD and will try to print it in JJC or teacher will try to open in her computer.. but if your program is not the program their computer can open - you will look like a jerk who is trying to buy more time... Oh gosh.. I could come up with so many tips.. it would't fit in here :chuckle . But one more: learn very very well how use the pill crusher(till it is ALL powder!)..even it is going to take you 10 min to do it.. Oh, I'll stop now before you all kick me out of here.. Please, ask anything that comes into your anxiuos head - it is my pleasure to give you as many tips as possible to make you student life little easier. Because I remember those thoughts in my head and I wished somone told me before the class started.. So Good Luck! I will keep in touch!
  12. by   Ede
    Thank you verytallnurse! You are amazing!
  13. by   KarmaInMotion
    Oh thank you sooo much verytallnurse for your response and insight. So I guess I should invest in a good printer since mine acts up alot lately . I knew we would have papers to do, but by the way you make it sound, alot of papers will be due. Well at least one of my fears has been confirmed rather than remaining an unknown any longer lol. I'm hoping to start with being able to use the library printer while I watch for sales.

    As far as teachers, this is who I have this semester: Lisiecki Danielle, Sullivan-Stromberg, Nordmark Samijean, and Kestel-Branchaw. The last time I looked them up on rate my prof., I could only find a little info. on 2 of the teachers. So I don't know if the other 2 are newer or what? The good thing is that what I did find was quite positive.

    And please do keep any tips comming! I think I'd rather be scared and prepared than just scared LOL.
  14. by   verytallnurse
    Hey, Karma and Ede! I hope my tips are not scaring you, it should only help! About the printer - yes, if your printer is acting up now - believe will loose your mind later then . I had a very fancy shmancy Lexmark that would not cooperate with school format.. so I bought very cheap HP for 70$ anf never had a problem since. So test them now, make tables 2 pgs long, 5 columns, type in those tables like 5-6 lines and then try to print... see if all your text is there when and how it transfers to the next page. It might look perfect on the computer, but printers have the mind of their own. Ok, teachers... now. Three of them were mine! I do not know Danielle so sorry. Then Ms. Sam N. - easy going, very nice and for some reason I thought her tests will be easy - my mistake.. so study. Then my first teacher and clinical instructor - Ms. Janet S. - you will think she is acting too strong at times but believe you me - she is only preparing you for the next semesters!! Take as much information from her as you can - because when you will get to the next semesters - it always shows who was Janet's students. I hope she is your clinical instructor too. She is so good! Now...! Ms. Branchaw . You will be so afraid of her - it's not even funny! But when you leave her - you will miss her the most! Be prepared - Ms. Branchaw's favorite question is WHY. It may seem that she is putting you on the spot - no. She is making you THINK. It is not enough that you know the answer from the book but WHY is this happening to the patient.. you needs to know because you will get that question from patient's family about 5 times a day! When you will be a nurse - you will explain it to the patient and his family, then walk out the room and say it to yourself - Thank you Ms. Branchaw.. Who cares that you don't know the answer to the question in CLASS.. When you don't know it at the bed site 2 years later - not good! So do not stress out when she asks you something - think.. and say I do not know yet.. JJC teachers hate smart as* , anoying with detailed questions, interupting lecture students.. Listen and you will learn, read..and then if you don't understand something - then ask before the next lecture. A lot of times you will find an answer at home later. So that's all for today. I will try to give you small tip on process paper next time. Hey I just thought of something interesting.. Something that will give a good example of how detailed you will learn things. Question : We all breathe. WHY?
    Well.. do you think you can tell me without looking at the book? Oh.. and once you answer it - then ask WHY again.. Not easy is it? I used to drive me crazy but now I get those questions EVERY DAY... . What else would you like to know? Have a nice day!