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Hello - this is my very first time posting a new topic, hopefully I'm doing this correctly. Just wanted to see if there are any ladies/gentlemen out there applying into the nursing program for the... Read More

  1. by   Murse281
    I only have to get the second part of the tb test then I will turn in everything.
  2. by   ftrn
    Hi all,
    I stumbled upon this site and checked out a different thread several months ago trying to find info about the schedule since there was nothing but TBA on the jjc website. Thought I'd check it out again to see if there were new people on here that are starting when I am. So hello everyone! Anyway...Just want to say thanks to Mnurse for posting the prices for books, only $267 for e-books and having no books to carry around! I am so excited about that! I am also in Kania's (sp?) group. Does anyone know if we buy the e-books on Dec. 3, will we immediately be able to view them? I'm getting kinda bored just waiting to start! Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving!
  3. by   Murse281
    Books will be available when you enter the codes, but keep in mind they have an exoneration date of four years from when they are activated. That is the only downfall to the digital books, I believe.
  4. by   tortiz80
    Also keep in mind getting use to the nursing program will be hard enough, so if you have not worked with ebooks yet it might be hard to get use to. I know a few people struggled this semester
  5. by   Murse281
    Personally I live the e books. I have only used Pearson books in the past, but what I like is I can record the lecture with my iPad and read the book at the same time. I took bio 251 over the summer and replayed the lectures over and over to help me study. Hopefully these new books are just as good as Pearson. They do take getting used to, and with Pearson if you don't download the chapter early and the wifi is down, you don't have a textbook.
  6. by   Matka
    My understanding is that the e-books do not have an expiration date. That is from both the Elsevier rep and the Elsevier website.
  7. by   Murse281
    That is good to know about the books. Because the the nursing dept told me it was only good for four years. Now I will definately get them if you can keep the digital copies.
  8. by   tortiz80
    Ok so when you all go get books, if you get the big box option beware that thing is heavy. I parked in A and walking to my car was a workout for sure. Probaly should have opened it and threw a few in my back pack. WOW !! So Im ordering a new book bag because mine is done. Anyone thinking about getting a roller if so have you found any besides the ones at JJC?
  9. by   PurplePRN
    Yes, be advised that the Box O'Books is HEAVY! Park close, bring someone to help.......something. If I wasn't nervous before, looking at that daunting pile of books has done me in.
  10. by   Murse281
    I got the digital books. I love them and can download all of them and get access even with no wifi.
  11. by   tortiz80
    I hope everyone is resting. Next week our homework will open up. I'm starting to get nervous as the semester is so close.
  12. by   Katie2bRN23
    Sorry I have been out of the loop for some time now, december was a rough month for me and my family as we lost my father in law to a year long battle with cancer. I have everything done except for ordering my pins and my drugtest/bg check (which I plan to do tomorrow) Does our homework Seriously open up this week??? My lord, this is already feeling overwhelming. I know I left the registration just shaking my head and feeling like a whole lot had been thrown at me.

    I ended up buying the box of books, Does anyone else who needs the CNA class know if there were any EXTRA books we needed to buy because of this? I sure hope not, I Hate surprises like that. Can anyone elaborate on the 80% thing?

    I met a girl at my cpr training who said that most of michaelene's class failed (including herself).. that she just doesnt teach what is being tested on.. So of course I rush home to check my schedule and yeah, Im Pre-doomed!! I was considering asking to be switched because of this.

    How is everyone hanging in there?
  13. by   Shortround
    Im just going into 3rd semester and am in the nights program. We started with 24 and lost 8 or 9 people. The 2nd semester we only lost 1. I have seen smart people you think will make it not and people you thought might not do. I have 2 kids. A 21 mo old and a 5 yr old. Im not very organised and still struggle to be but im doing good. The thing i learned is that how much you study depends upon you. If you pick things up quickly and can understand how things work and relate you wont have to study as much. I know a person who studied over a week and failed a test. I studied 1-2 nights for it and did good. Be prepared to take quizzes. You get 4 i think and if you do good on those it helps your test/quiz average. Who you get for clinicals can be good or bad. Some are tougher and some are easier. The better you do in the beginning of the semester allows you to relieve the pressure of having to do good on the final to make that 80% test/quiz average. I know people who have made it with an exact 80% and one that made it with by 1 question and one that failed by one question. So if you start to sink early on kick it up. There are people who fail 2 out of 4 tests and still make it, but dont let it get there. I think being in nights is easier because most meds are given in the morning hours so you dont give as many during nights. With the paperwork you do the night before you can finish, sleep, and get up in the morning if you didnt feel like doing it all the night before. The drawback is you go to the hospital after class so maybe at 8:30 youre there, get info and go home and do paperwork. That sucks but you can sleep. In days you probably go earlier for pt info and get home early so if youre not a slacker like me you can finish and get sleep. I just like knowing if something happens i can get sleep. When you go in a pts room be confident even if you dont feel it. Do you want some unsure doe eyed nursing student caring for you or someone that appears they have it together. That first encounter with the pt sets your day or evening up. If thye dont have that confidence in you the pt can make your clinical day challenging. Im good with people and am always joking and screwing around. I make my pts laugh and if they like you it makes everything smoother. I always help out my clinical mates by going in their pts room and joke around with them to ease the mood and it helps them both. If your a people person dont forget to use that but be conscious of their personality. I usually know in a few minutes if i can mess with my pt or not. Being anxious is part of it everytime beforeyou start your clinical day, so if you can remember to relax and have fun with it you will do better than the ones who are anxious the whole time wondering when theyre going to give meds or be questioned by the instructor. Thats me, but then again some people will never be able to relax and have a tougher time. They still can make it though. Everyone is scared when you do your simulation head to toe on istan, but it is what it is. Some fail some pass. Is it tough yes, but you find what works for you. I can study for a week it would drive me crazy. I realized studying a night or two before the test works best for me because im a slacker and need that pressure. I cant study in a group its a waste of time for me but others do better studying with a group. The 80 % test / quizz thing is where people who fail get caught. They get an 84 overall but 77 test/quiz ave, etc and fail. I know there are a lot of you who think i can do that its not so bad, but really it is. The tests are hard. You will walk out thinking *** was that. The tests are unlike any other tests you have taken. You will have say two answers that are right but you have to pick the one that is most right. Dont mean to scare you but better now than later.