is there a ratio for patient/cna in the state of illinois

  1. i am wondering if there is a patient/cna ratio. in the state of illinois, i work in a facility of 63 plus residents over half of which is bariatric, and today i went to work and worked with three cna's in the facility. i was on a hall of 15 plus geriatric residents which all of total assist at the end of the shift i was written up because i failed to be in the dining room at the time of passing trays, at 6:45 mind you. i feel that i was wrongfully wrote up and it really bothers me that the facility would actually put passing trays before the care of the residents. i have been a cna for twelve years now and never in my career have i felt so belittled and worthless as they made me feel today, i tried to plead my side of the story and well it did no goo, the importance of the tray passing was more important than the welfare of the residents, it really put a damper on my outlook on the whole nursing career. i love my job i just feel that when i go to work it is not to socialize and have fun but to do my job and care for my residents and after today i feel like that dont matter anymore.
    anyone help?
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  3. by   romie
    I am not sure of the "legal ratios" for IL, but I think the regs are so loosely worded-- adequate staffing to provide for the scheduled and unscheduled needs of the residents-- kind of thing. My facility regularily has 3 CNAs for 50 residents in a unit with only 1 nurse. I think it is disasterous, considering I come from medicaid waiver programs in DD group homes where staffing was usually 2:1.
  4. by   valifay
    If I remember correctly there is not a cna/resident ration. I believe there are just regulations as to how many poeple at each level need to be in the building for x number residents. And its a dangerously low ratio!
  5. by   newrn75
    Must be the same place I work.LOL