immigrant in Illinois, don't know where to start

  1. hello... i have a friend whose moving to chicago (an immigrant, petitioned by her husband). north troy ave. to be exact. she's also from the philippines, by the way, and a bsn graduate. problem is that she has not taken our local nursing board exams yet so she doesn't have been issued a license. what i'd like to ask, if just in case she doesn't make the exams this coming june, what would be her options once she's in chicago? is it possible for her to get a job in a hospital working her way up? taking exams required in that state? or does she really need to pass the local board exams in our country first? i'd really appreciate any advice... any possible options she might take. thank so much.
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  3. by   kathykaye
    she can apply for a license even without NLE.
  4. by   monfranz19
    hi guys can i ask wer can i get the reciprocity aplication or endorsement here in chcago illinois cos im from phillipines and my employer rquires me that and i have passed the nclex rn exam in cali and i have passed also the cgfns and ielts exam. just need help wat will i do and wat steps? im currently working here at phillipines nicu nurse. my employer in illinois is the bethany methodist hospital. tnx in advance in helping me.