Foreign BA, ADN or ABSN?

  1. I live in Chicago and I have a 10 year old BA from a foreign country, 2.9 GPA. I also have a foreign AA from 8 years ago, 3.3 GPA. I am planning on taking science pre-requisites soon. Two questions:

    Would you suggest I go for an ADN or ABSN? I thought the ADN might be easier to get into considering my so-so grades from younger years but some have advised me that my job prospects would be better with the BSN. On the flip side, others have advised me that it will be cheaper to start with the ADN and bridge to the BSN later with an employer subsidizing it. Any particular Chicago-area programs with good reputations I should consider?

    Second, if I get good grades in the nursing pre-reqs, will I be competitive for admission into an ABSN program? Do ABSN programs have the same issues with waitlists and heavy competition as some community college ADN programs have?

    I am excited to launch into my new career but I get discouraged when I think my 2.9 BA from a non-US university might hold me back! Thanks for all advice.
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  3. by   adnrnstudent
    ADN programs at community colleges are extremely difficult to get in to. They are inexpensive and extremely competitive. Accelerated BSN programs are usually expensive, but you'd end with a BSN in the same time-frame.