Endorsement Fingerprints (Coming from IA)

  1. I'm an Iowa licensed RN applying for endorsement in Illinois due to living so near the state border. Okay, I printed the entire endorsement packet, got it all filled out appropriately; selected temp permit and endorsement, had my school's nursing department head fill out her part, paid nursys.com to release official verification to Illinois and sent the packet in with my check. Then I headed out a few days later to do the fingerprinting. Illinois wants a LiveScan done if possible. I live right next to the Illinois border so opted for that route and looked at the list of options available in the packet that are locations authorized by the Illinois State Police to have a scan done. Went and had them done at the only place listed allowed in Iowa (Davenport), paid $50, they told me my prints would be sent to Illinois. Call into IDFPR to find out where I can send the form they gave me at the LiveScan locale. The rep told me I did it wrong because I did it in Iowa and would need a fingerprint card which she would send out and I would have to pay a fee of $36.50. What? I tried to explain to her that I had a LiveScan done at an approved location that told me they would be sent to Illinois and I even stood there and watched the transmission. She still said I did it wrong and I asked her if she was sure. She put me on hold for about ten minutes and came back only to tell me that yes I was wrong. Okay, well, why would that location be listed in the packet then? Her response was "I don't know but I can send you the fingerprinting card and you'll have to have them done and sent in".

    Anyone else run into this sort of situation? I really don't want to pay another $36.50 if she wasn't completely sure. It's Saturday and I can't call in until Monday but wondering if anyone else had dealt with this.
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  3. by   Aussierules1985
    I'm getting the same gist from my end.
    It's job protection, must to through IL workers, or pay a fee...
    I can handle the fee... I've waited for these guys three weeks for their "fingerprint card."
    Called four times; no card. This is pathetic.
    It took like 2 weeks to lazily stroll though the Mississippi RN process,

    The pathetic part; I Fed Ex'ed overnight the application to make it faster,
    so.. just be glad your within 500 miles.

    Just Saying.