Elmhurst College NME Program

  1. Has anyone else found out that they were admitted into the fall 2014 cohort?
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  3. by   Meshi
    Yes anyone? Theres not a lot of info on the program on the web since its a new program. Any info on the admissions and interview process would be so useful!
  4. by   phoenoryker

    I found out I was admitted late feb...I was told they are going to narrow it down to 16 students for this fall. While I was going through the application process I was advised they will be essentially handpicking the 16 they want for their first cohort. I mention this so you do not place too much emphasis on pure stats...it seems they view the applicant holistically. For the interview, I recommend having knowledge and understanding of the future of health care, especially in nursing. Understand evidence based care and how this translates with the future of health care. Seize the moment to demonstrate why you are pursuing this program. The faculty is very nice and everyone I spoke with shared a desire to see the student succeed. With that said, be very relaxed during the interview and help them see why you should have a seat for the fall. One important fact that I learned is this program along with Rush and Milikin are the only master's entry programs in illinois that award a MSN upon completion...UIC and Depaul offer MS in nursing. UIC and Depaul students have expressed concerns over not being able to obtain employment in magnet hospitals because they are not being awarded the MSN degree. From my perspective, this program will provide you with direction necessary to transition into a DNP program if you choose to. Good luck...hope this helps. If you have any other questions feel free to ask
  5. by   Meshi
    Thank you so much for your feedback phoenoryker and congrats on your admittance! I am glad that they look at candidates holistically. What worries me is that they are only accepting 16 out of probably a couple hundred, I am assuming. I am crossing my fingers and am hoping for an interview. I appreciate your advice for the interview as well. Elmhurst would be most ideal for me based on what the program offers and like you mentioned, it is one of the few schools that offers an MSN in Illinois.

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  6. by   phoenoryker
    Meshi--what direction do you intend to go in nursing? I saw that you were inquiring about olivet back in february...I too checked into their program around that time (time my second son was born!!!). What are your stats?
  7. by   Meshi
    phoenoryker kudos to you for continuing your education! I know its hard after kids and you have two! Eventually, I want to go into Nurse Supervisor/Administration role or health management after some years of being a nurse. However, I am also contemplating on furthering my education into a doctorate program but would need to do a little more research on that and some hands on clinical experience to know what specialty I would like to go into. I looked at Olivet as well after the birth of my daughter. At that time, I had little options of programs that were a little more flexible (hybrid format) and close in vicinity. One I found out about Elmhurst, i decided to purse a Masters instead versus doing another Bachelors. What caught my eye was that Elmhurst's program also has a clinical leadership track which would help me reach my goal in health administration/management. My stats: Overall GPA 3.45 and Science GPA is at 3.8. However NursingCAS calculations states GPA as lower (overall at 3.29 and science at 3.4 or 3.5). This is because I had Withdrawals and they still count those (0.00) in the GPA calculation for some reason and it brought it down. I also Volunteer at a non profit Medical clinic every week for 6 hours and have several hours of Nurse shadowing experience in NICU and Cardio/stress department at a large hospital in Milwaukee that I drive up to a couple of times a month. Overall, I wish my GPA was higher but I managed full time school and a full time job during my bachelors and took pre-requisites for Nursing throughout my whole pregnancy.
  8. by   phoenoryker
    Meshi--your background is solid, especially the volunteering and shadowing which represents a dedication to a future in health care. When I interviewed, the interviewer commended me for volunteering. Your GPAs are solid as well especially science. Nursingcas does not factor in withdrawals in their calculations, so you should definitely contact them. Again, good luck to you!!
  9. by   Meshi
    Thanks phoenoryker. I will definitely contact Nursingcas. Every time I recalculate my GPA I still get a diff GPA than theirs. I hope Elmhurst thinks my background it solid as well! I appreciate your feedback =-)
  10. by   djmartin999
    Hello All,
    I have applied to the direct entry masters program at Elmhurst for the fall of 2015. Now that some of you have most likely been accepted and have started the program, are there any tips you can give me for the process? My application etc. is complete with Nursing CAS, I have good grades, just received my CNA certification and am looking for a job to get some pre-nursing experience, and have my undergraduate from Elmhurst, so I feel I am a competitive candidate. Can you offer any tips for an interview if I am offered one? Any idea what they are "looking for?" I saw the post about brushing up on the future of nursing, any thing else you would highlight?

    As for the program, do you like the instructors/facility? Do you feel you will be aptly prepared clinically upon graduation?

    Thank you in advance for your help!
  11. by   djmartin999

    Could you give us an update on the Elmhurst program? I am seeking information about it as I am trying to get in for fall. Thank you!
  12. by   soni7
    Hi everyone,

    I just got an interview for the fall 2015 term. They told me there will be a 15 minute writing sample I will need to provide them. Can someone who is a student or had an interview give me tips on how to prepare for it? I'm a little nervous! Thanks!
  13. by   Hawkeye15
    How were you notified of an interview? I have not received any information regarding my application via email or mail. Did you receive anything when you submitted your application?
  14. by   nowake04
    Hi soni7,

    I have an interview with Elmhurst this week, and I'm nervous. What kind of questions did they ask you? By the way, hope everything works out!!!