Elgin Community College

  1. Hello
    I live in Rockford and I won't be able to attend my local college's fall nursing program, because my CNA cert won't be completed in time.
    I do have all the requirements to attend Elgin community college. I'll apply to both and see what happens. I checked out Elgin's RN program on line and it's kinda vague about their clinicals. How many are there?
    Does anyone or has anyone here attended Elgin's program?
    What are your thoughts?

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  3. by   xokelly2
    Hello, isn't ECC a little far of drive from rockford? anywho I was in district at ECC but the wait list was too long and I didnt want to wait so I commuted to chicago. i imagine the clinicals are similar to every other ADN program time wise. I know a few people who went there. Good luck,
  4. by   Mr.N8
    Yes, Elgin is about 40-45 miles from Rockford. If I can get into Elgin 1 semester earlier than my local college (RockValley) then perhaps i'll transfer there. Unfortunatly, if i'm out of district i'll be at the bottom of the pick list.
  5. by   butterflynurse03
    I graduated from ECC. It's a good program. Clinicals are once a week but they are usually 8 hours. Then, before graduation, there is concentrated clinical time (96 hrs) that must be completed in order to graduate. Let me know if you have any other questions. There were two people from Rockford in my graduating class.