El Centro/Northlake application and points for nursing - page 2

Hi, I was just wondering if anyone out there is applying for the Fall 2011? I've only managed to accumulate 13 points because I am currently taking AP II, and then taking Micro in the summer - so I... Read More

  1. by   changingcareerpaths
    I heard the reason they let people turn in stuff was that there was 2 forms of the packet floating around with different info. So for those who turned theirs in early, the new packet had not come out. This entire thing has been a big mess........I am so tired of waiting I just want to know!!
  2. by   Jenny_87
    do you know what the difference was? i look but i could really tell and I turned mine in early then went to arkansas :/
  3. by   changingcareerpaths
    They no longer take a notarized note for chicken pox. And the date that the HPRS class was good changed.
  4. by   changingcareerpaths
    I just got my letter, I will be at El Centro!!!