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I am an undergrad at U of I and will be applying to nursing programs in the fall. I am going to apply to the global campus of UIC (it is at U of I) - I know it is really competitive - If anyone has... Read More

  1. by   al_e135
    U of I Urbana doesn't have its own program...its UIC's program but at a satellite campus. So if you are admitted to the program in Urbana, you are technically a transfer student to UIC and when you graduate you will have a UIC diploma. You take classes at the Urbana campus, but you are a UIC student. The program is BSN. You apply your sophomore year, and start nursing classes your junior year. Also, you first have to apply to UIC and get accepted. Then you can apply to their nursing school.
  2. by   Trophy.Nurse
    Thanks for the clarification. What about the global campus? Can one earn a bsn from UIC's global campus? If so, how much of it is online?
  3. by   al_e135
    From my understanding the global campus is a program for RN's only who wish to receive their BSN, so the global campus is a BSN completion program and when you complete the program you will get a UIC diploma. I think all your nursing classes will be online if you do the global campus. Here is a link that will tell you more.
  4. by   kevang22
    Yeah...job market SUCKS out there. I graduated from the same class as you. U can probably guess who I am...who is this?
  5. by   tentay87
    I'm in the program at the Urbana site. The nursing advisor told us that the average GPA was a 3.6 but I know people who got in with a 3.4.
  6. by   kevang22
    Hey everyone! I recently posted on this thread. And I just got a job offer and Skokie Northshore Hospital! I'm pretty excited...there is still hope for you guys
  7. by   UICBSN2012
    Does anyone know if UIC makes phone calls to my LOR providers on the BSN supplemental application? Do they just send emails? Thanks
  8. by   drn87
    The average GPA of my incoming BSN class at UIC was a 3.8/3.9 (I don't remember exactly... but it was high), and they accepted about 9% of applicants when I got in. BUT, the great thing about UIC is that they do not only look at the grades... they are looking for diversity; and I'm not talking about one's skin color. They are looking for what you can bring in to the class, and to the college. They accept students from all walks of life! You don't necessarily need to have volunteered at a hospital or worked as a CNA/PCT before, although these wouldn't hurt you in any way. Of course your grades need to be competitive too, but it doesn't mean you have to have a 4.0, or a 3.8 for that matter. The above GPA I mentioned is just an average. I can tell you I didn't have that high of a GPA when I applied. The bottomline is that UIC looks at the overall package Which means that the essay is a VERY important aspect of the application process!

    As far as finding a job goes... I have had two job interviews both I've gotten a job offer from without taking the NCLEX yet. And I do not have any previous hospital work experience. Most of my friends have also gotten job offers. I think part of it is that the job market is getting better (at least better than last year), but we still need to be assertive and show them how they would benefit from having us as their employee! Good luck!
  9. by   cban26
    does anyone who's gone through the application process know what UIC asks in the essay portion? if you've been admitted can you give some insight to what you wrote about

  10. by   mmisayah
    Yep. There are 8 essay questions. 250 words response for each.
    Here's more info:

    What experiences have you had with healthcare? (200 words)
    What experiences you have had with being a leader? (200 words)
    Why are you interested in a career in nursing? (200 words)
    Have you participated in any activities to learn more about nursing? (200 words)
    What life experiences have influenced your interest in nursing? (200 words)
    What experiences have prepared you to work with diverse populations (i.e. racial/ethnic, age, gender, socio-economic) seeking health care? (200 words)
    Tell us about some of the challenges or successes in your life that have influenced your academic performance. (200 words)
    Describe a situation in which you overcame a significant obstacle or barrier in achieving your goals (such as academic, economic, language, racial/ethnic, etc.) (200 words)
  11. by   nhiphan1601
    For the essay questions to UIC nursing, what if i leave one question unanswered? Will that be okay? Or do you have to answer all of the essay questions?
  12. by   nhiphan1601
    One more thing, for the recommendation letters, i want my high school teacher who knows me for 7 years. He helped me a lot with the volunteer experiences at the hospital, so can he be my recommender?