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  1. Okay so I had some questions that I was hoping actual graduates of this program could help me with in regards to admission, since the answers Im tending to get from representatives at the school could be more on the sunny side of the road. Anyways, I have a BS from MSU in Human Biology and have for the past 3 years working as a laboratory technician (research not clinical) for a local University. I recently took my GRE and obviously my cognitive writing skills have suffered since leaving school because, I got a 3.5 on the essay portion. The MENP site says that they want you to have a 4 and I was wondering if there are any real life examples on here of people gaining entry with a 3.5. I know DePaul can be more accepting of that other places and I was just wondering how true that actually is. I know they must have higher than normal application numbers given the economy...

    Still crossing my fingers though
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  3. by   IGiveTheShots
    What did you get on the other portions? GPA? Can you get decent recommendations from commendable sources? All of these factors play a role. If you are an overall competitive applicant, there is no reason they shouldn't look twice at your app. If you feel confident with your writing, you may want to submit a writing sample with your application. Naturally, there is a huge influx of applications, but the department is growing rapidly - my cohort has roughly 35 people (we graduate in June) while the new cohort (that started this January) has over 50.

    And of course, you could always consider retaking the GRE after taking a few review courses that concentrate on writing techniques made specifically for the exam (those helped me a lot).
  4. by   bcxllady
    Well I got an 1150 combined. I have really good recomendations from faculty members at RFUMS and at MSU but I had hoped that my GRE scores would be outstanding because my GPA was a 2.7. I guess I could always apply and if I dont get in this time keep volunteering at the hospital and take the GRE again.

    What course did you take for prep? I had thought about that but wasnt sure it was necessary.
  5. by   TheSquire
    Ello - I"m a member of the MENP cohort that started in Winter '09. I dunno what everyone else got on their GRE writing section, and neither have I looked at the admissions statistics for previous years, so I can't tell you if you can get by with a 3.5. While you're free to apply (as long as you pony up the cash to submit the admission paperwork), I would try to find some way to boost your writing score: the program includes a research project, which involves a considerable amount of writing. With a GPA as low as yours, I would want to take every opportunity to show the admissions committee that I could hack a graduate program, if I were you.

    As to how I prepped - once upon a time I took the MCAT as well as the Kaplan course to prep for it. I scored a P on the writing section. All I did to prep for the GRE was look through the test format the night before. I won't say exactly what I got on the writing section, but I outscored my sister, the English major, on her first crack at the GRE.
  6. by   yooyin
    Hello guys!

    I also applied for the Fall 2010 cohort and I am very eager to know if I got accepted or not. I am a little bit worried about my GRE score as I got a combined 990 on the math and verbal section and a 4.0 on the writing section. Do you guys know anybody who got admitted with a math and verbal combined score lower than 1000?

    Thank you.
  7. by   TheSquire
    Quote from yooyin
    Hello guys!

    I also applied for the Fall 2010 cohort and I am very eager to know if I got accepted or not. I am a little bit worried about my GRE score as I got a combined 990 on the math and verbal section and a 4.0 on the writing section. Do you guys know anybody who got admitted with a math and verbal combined score lower than 1000?

    Thank you.
    People do get admitted on occasion, but they usually have something else to help make them look spiffy for the admissions committee.
  8. by   yooyin
    Thanks for your reply The Squire! I appreciate it! I am just hoping and praying that I would get accepted. If not, I would just attend a GRE review class to boost my score. Thank you very much!
  9. by   livingthedream
    I was in the same class as the Squire... (and hello there)... My GRE score was over the 1,000 combined, my essay was higher, but my GPA was 2.73 from undergrad (not including my pre-reqs of all science classes that I had a 3.8 for). I was wait-listed and then called about 4 weeks before classes started to join up officially.

    I graduated with a 3.94 (earning only 3 A-'s for my ENTIRE 2 years and my 2.73 was not an indicator of my desire to work hard and get good grades. Graduating with highest honors was nice... and hard won.

    I know you can get in, it may not be your first go-around, but keep studying and trying... I took a GRE review class at NIU (5 Saturdays taught by TEACHERS) and I scored VERY well on my GRE.

    Good luck!
  10. by   yooyin
    Hi livingthedream,

    First of all, I really appreciate yours and thesquire's effort to answer my questions. Thank you! My undergrad GPA is 2.68 (it's so embarrasing). I am looking into taking the GRE review classes at NIU to boost up my score incase I don't get in this fall. I got accepted into Elgin Community College's nursing program for this Fall but I really feel that I should pursue the MENP program to be able to use my Bachelor's Degree. My GPA for my science classes is 3.77 as I studied really hard this time. I am just hoping and praying that I be accepted for the fall. I know I can do the program. The program will be my first priority as I really want to be an RN. Again, thank you for your replies and feel free to message me anytime.

  11. by   yooyin

    I received the letter from DePaul today and I found out that didn't get accepted. I think it's my 990 combined GRE score. I will do the NIU GRE review in April to retake the GRE. Do any of you know if there are people who get in to the program after applying more than once? Or even more than twice or thrice? I was really disappointment but I was expecting that this would happen because of my GRE score.

  12. by   yooyin
    Hi bcxlady,

    I was wondering if you got accepted into the program. I hope you got accepted. Goodluck!
  13. by   ABosslet
    Has anyone else heard anything from DePaul? I heard from them in February regarding transcripts, scores, etc. But I have yet to hear back about my application status...
  14. by   IGiveTheShots
    To everyone who is wondering about their app status:
    My roommate is a competitive candidate for the Fall '10 cohort, but has yet to hear back from DePaul. I inquired at the department and was told that there were over 200 applications to sift through this go around. I guess everyone wants to go back to school because of the economy. I would take it as a good sign that you have not heard back yet. No news is good news!

    Oh, and I'm in the Fall '08 MENP cohort in case you guys were wondering who this crazy knowitall is. 76 days until graduation!

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