CNA program/training at OCC or Resurrection

  1. ]I'm going into nursing, but I'm taken my pre-reqs right now. I was to take CNA course so that can work in the medical field while i'm still finishing up my reqs. I know the CNA program @ oakton starts next month, and my fault but I waited too long too registered for the program. I called today for any interview, so I'm waiting for them to call me back. So
    ]I was wondering if anyone has taken the CNA program at Oakton Community College or at Resurrection Health Care (Holy Family Medical Center)? How was it? Was it a difficult program?
    ]I read inforamtion about the Oakton program but I don't anything about the Resurrection program.
    ]Does anyone know how much it is for the Basic CNA program @ Resurrection? Was it difficult? Do you recommend it? Is there job placement after you complete the Resurection program? Any info would be so grealty appreciated!:wink2:
    ]Sorry for too many questions.
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  3. by   SillyLilly
    I dont know much....

    But I can say that there are plenty of positions out at the Res hospitals for CNAs. The problem is, they usually require 6months of nursing home experience first.

    Feel free to call Res, they are usually helpful with information on classes.

    Good luck!
  4. by   Kathyz
    OCC's program is 16 long weeks. If I were you I'd go to Samland. It's in Park Ridge (Dempster and Potter), not too far from OCC. They offer a 5 week course. It's either M-R 5-9pm and one clinical per weekend (either Sat or Sun 7-2) or they offer a day course T-R 8-2:30. It is very time intense but it's only 5 weeks. It costs just as much as OCC. All the programs are pricey. Not sure why. They're around $600. Samland offers a payment program of 3x w/ no interest. If you go there don't buy the book from them. Get it used somewhere else. If you take good notes you don't even need the book.

    I did call Holy Family once but there program was too inconvenient for me. You can get a CNA job anywhere! They are constantly hiring so don't worry about that. Unfortunately you have to harass these people. HR depts are notoriuosly slow.

    Lutheran Gen will hire you w/out a CNA certificate. They have their own 3 week NCT (nursing care tech) program. However, you will still have to take the CNA class separately if you want the CNA license.

    Are you looking to go to nursing school at OCC?
  5. by   chikkimonkey
    yes I am considering going to OCC for nursing.
  6. by   donegal1
    I have heard from classmates that Oaktons program is very good. It seems that you learn alot and that they make you comfortable doing patient care. However they are very expensive. If you are already comfortable with patients I suggest you go elsewhere. There are alot of programs throughout chicago at much cheaper prices and less time but you don't get the same attention from the instructors