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I was just wondering if anyone could tell me what version of the hesi they had. The version is listed on the top of the printout that we received when we finished the exam. I am trying to determine... Read More

  1. by   sayalittleprayer
    Hi jeffery--
    I am a current Triton student. Can you tell me what happens if you don't pass the HESI? Also, can you tell me what the job market has been like for you and your class? What have some of the pay rates been? Also when will you take the NCLEX?
  2. by   jeffrey930
    you have 4 chances to pass the hesi in triton which is good, i heard from other school they only have 2 chances to pass it. 1st hesi is on march26 in the middle of the last semester, 2nd Hesi in on may 10-14 i think before graduation. if you failed the 2nd time 3rd hesi is on the last week of july. 4th is on august, after that if you still did not pass you take the management class again on spring and take the hesi for the last time, if failed again your out of the program. that's why is also good to take the LPN in triton, so if can't pass the hesi and get kick out, you can go to a different school bridge from LPN to RN again for 1 year.
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