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  1. by   annegemini
    I am considering CSU for nursing, but I've read alarming reports on CSU's graduation rate (16% graduation rate). Should I be worried?
  2. by   RossayRN
    To be honest, I don't know if you should or not. I am 2 semester away from graduation and have never been close to failing, I think if you do what you gotta do then you will be fine, some people spend more time complaining about how much studying you have to do, and how they're not about to be stuck in the house studying etc, and then complain when they don't do well. Some don't seek help at the first sign of need and wait till it is too late to try to turn it around, some genuinely are trying their best but for what ever reason they just can't answer the test questions right. People complain about the teacher etc, same thing that you would see at any school. Our last course we had about 16 or more people fail. The material wasn't that hard for me BUT that's me, and I don't know what everyone's elses situation was. The point I am trying to make is that you can't really base your performance off of how someone else does, I see people fail every semester, but you know what, that's them and not me. The way I see it, as long as I do what I gotta do and not let someone elses performance bother me, I am good. I graduate in May of 2010 ( 2 more semester) and although I hope everyone graduates and makes it through ok, if they don't it won't affect me one bit (academically), because I know what I need to do, and I am doing it. You know what you are capable of and what your limitations are better than anyone else, and no matter what nursing school you go to, unless you are like a very small population of nursing students that find it to be easy, it's going to take hard work to get through but there are thousands of working RNs in the world so it can be done. Why not by you?
  3. by   annegemini
    Thank you for being honest. Another question, I spoke to someone in the Latino Resource Center and was told the program was so intense that you can't work while your in school. Is this true?
  4. by   RossayRN
    that is something else that depend on you. I have tried it I couldn't do it but I also have 2 small children and a fiance to take care of too. I believe that is a factor in why some people don't do as well because they don't have a choice, they have to work full time. I've seen people work part time and do ok, and some even work full time and do fine but not most people do that. Most of us I believe are not doing both, it is much harder when you do.
  5. by   unreallly
    Don't forget, you have to score 900 on the Hesi! One of the hightest in the State.
  6. by   RossayRN
    I'm honestly not worried about HESI. I will be prepared for it and plan to score above 900 and that's how I will study for it. The key it so not place limitations on what you know you are capable of doing. I knew about HESI before getting into the program so I prepare for it along with every test I take. You have to treat everything like it's HESI/NCLEX
  7. by   tklucky8
    I am also interested in there program but i had some questions
    one of my main questions is that does anyone know what is the lowest GPA that they accept. I have a 3.3 and i am worried if i will get in or not. Also, I am going to be taking some of the pre-reqs at a community college in fall'09 should i apply to CSU for the bridge course at the same time? Is that the only course that u have to take at CSU before applying to nursing program?
    Also, do they require Organic chemistry as a pre-req?

    I appreciate all of your answers and help!
  8. by   RossayRN
    They lowest required gpa is 2.5. People that get accepted though usually have a 3.0 or higher with emphasis on your science gpa. You can take everything at a community college but you should download the tranfer guide and see which classes will transefer befor you take them so you can take one's that are documented to be accepted. I took all of my prereqs at the city colleges and transfered in when I was ready to apply to the program. You won't only take the bridge though, you have to take a intro to health professionals class, and it is also required to take a service learning class (HSC3321) I would take The HSC class that semester and get it out of the way or you will later have to either take it over the summer or get stuck taking it with your nursing classes which would suck. I just took it this past summer or I would have had to take it in the spring with the last of my nursing classes which wouldn't be good when you have all yor nursing work to worry about.
  9. by   To2To1985
    How many ppl apply for the program each year?
  10. by   RossayRN
    depends, there were 140 when I went there but that was in 2007, there probably more now. They only accept 40