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Any graduates of this program? Start in the fall and curious about the school....they have no website, so word of mouth for the school is all I have. Thanks for any insight.:spin:... Read More

  1. by   LPN Soon
    Quote from CNA_2000
    thanks lpn soon:
    it was nice talking to you i got my book from
    and i was looking on there the other day and i saw a book and it said for nurse entrance test.
    i guess its the same thing, is there a lot of homework & studying to do.
    thanks for the advice, talk to you later.
    your friend
    We hardly ever had any homework, but we spent most of the time studying. They test you to death so yes there is a lot of studying to do. So enjoy your free time now...LOL.
    Your friend,
  2. by   CNA_2000
    Thank you: for the information i can't wait i'm so excited, i wish they would hurry up and send me the testing dates.

    Talk to you later!
  3. by   somecrazygirl
    Good luck to CASPN students! I am approaching my 3rd quarter. I thought my advice would be helpful so here it goes!
    1st quarter:
    Basic nursing is fun and fairly easy. I am NOT a CNA and I thought the course was thorough and fairly easy. Just remember to think like a nurse and NOT a CNA when answering test questions. I was close to a few CNA's that took the course and they would answer test questions as though they were CNA's and got some questions wrong. The test questions in this course are cristical thinking questions similar to what would apear on "state boards." If you pay attention in class you will pass with no problems.

    Mesical Terminology was taught online with my class and it was easy, just make sure you get don't procrastinate until the last minute to complete the required online exams. Get them done ASAP so the rest of the time you can commit your time to the more difficult class: A&P and NUT.

    A&P & NUT was memorizing a lot of information all at once. There were so many tests! I will tell you this: don't be afraid to challenge the answers!!!!!!!!!!! if you happened to study something from the text and you know your answer is correct and it is located in the text, by all means, bring it up to the instructor!!!! Don't be hostile about an inconsistancy with the answers....just mention it because the instructor is very, very understanding and she will correct the error Be patient with the instructor and communicate any indiffereneces that arise within the text. As a matter of fact if you are unsure of anything that you studied the night before a test, please bring it up to the instructor before class and she can assist a lot.

    Most importantly be prepared to study at least 3-4 hrs. a night. Many of us used note cards as study guides and we found them invaluable especially for A&P and NUT.

    Not sure on who you will have for 2nd quarter as there may be a new educator for one of the 2nd quarter classes.

    Hang in there, study a lot, reduce your work hours because you will need the study time, and have fun during clinicals!

    If you have any detailed info just let me know.
  4. by   Barbe13
    In 2001 I graduated from CASPN at the age of 53. It is a VERY intense program but if you really want to be a nurse it is not so hard. It was a dream come true for me so it wasn't as bad as I seen it be on other students. Over time I seen many students fail for one reason or another. Remember, DON'T get behind even one day. You can do it!! Good Luck to you and let me know if I can help.
  5. by   donewithdrama01
    i am applying for the august classes. i'm a single mom that qualifies for assistance. do you know what allowance they give you per month for housing costs
  6. by   somecrazygirl
    I am not sure about assistance as I only recieved student loans. One of my friends who attended caspn recieved grants whereas I did not. She also took out student loans (which you have to pay back) to help with her rent etc. She too is a single mom of 1. I am not sure where you are located but there are agencies that will give you more assistance ( yep!!!) my friend lived in tazewell county ( East peoria IL) and an organization called career link helped pay her nursing fees, gas to and from school, etc. I recall someone mentioning an agency called WIA or something like that...more local to springfield/sangamon county. Not sure if this helps but good luck!!!! CASPN is a good choice.
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    I am going to start at caspn in august any advice will be helpful I will be driving from champaign il.
  8. by   rnmomtobe2010
    I will be traveling form Sullivan to Springfield this fall for the program... It will be will worth it in the end and a dream come true for that matter.
  9. by   rnmomtobe2010
    Oh and I hope and pray that they have not changed editions because a friend of mine who just graduated gave me every single one of her books. What a blessing and I know it was by chance that we met.
  10. by   jaysunsgurl
    I am currently enrolled at CASPN, I take my last final for 2nd quarter tomorrow. This program is VERY intense. It has been the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. You have to really want to work hard and really want to be a nurse!! The best advice I can give anyone wanting to go to school at CASPN is to FOLLOW THE RULES!!! They are very strict and you will get dissmissed if you are not doing what you need to be doing! I've met alot of great people there and for the most part have had a great time. It's very fast paced though and if you fall behind it's nearly impossible to catch up, so if you are sure you want to do this I would try my hardest to not miss any classes and be ready to study EVERY night. I wanted to just work every other weekend but that was too much for me. Feel free to ask me any questions you might have
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    The school does have a website, it's
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    Well, I am glad to see that CASPN finally got a website!
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    Quote from jaysunsgurl
    The school does have a website, it's
    It is not updated often, though.