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I know I already posted this elsewhere, but I am hoping someone gives more information about ATS. Well I just visited the place, since I had some time before work. I just found out that August 27th... Read More

  1. by   FutureNurseMini
    Since this post was from over a year ago, I assume you have completed the program and i would appreciate it if you could answer a few questions for me.

    1. Day vs. evening classes - - is the length of the program longer depending on which class schedule you choose?

    2. Do classes usually end at the scheduled time? (I work overnights at my job and I was considering taking the evening class, so I was curious if I would be getting out at 10:00pm or a little earlier? Once I figure this out I will know if I need to consider changing my work schedule.)

    3. How is the program in general, as far as teachers, tests, assignments, etc.?

    4. Do you feel ATS prepared you for the NCLEX-PN exam? What is their pass rate like?

    5. Does ATS hold a graduation ceremony? If so, where at?

    6. Any other info you think I should know as I am heavily considering this program. Thanks in advance!!
  2. by   annegemini
    As I said in November I did not attend this school, it is overly expensive for an LPN, you'd fare better attending a school that offers an RN degree. It'd be best to attend a school with a positive reputation, this school/organization has a bad history in Ohio, and their RN program was revoked in Ohio. Plus they never created the LPN to RN program that was promoted if you completed your LPN. It is not worth the money if you want an LPN, I'd recommend going to a community college. If you plan on becoming on RN one day, just go and get your associates or bachelors as a nurse. As of right now I am attending a university completing my prerequisite science courses. If you attend ATS for an LPN and decide to get your RN elsewhere there is a chance the courses will not transfer. That's another reason why I chose to go another route. They've been taken to court with their Ohio school, . If you have a bachelor’s degree already consider Chamberlain, St Xavier, UIC, or DePaul. Even if you don't have your bachelors still consider these schools, and if money is an issue attend a community college and save money by getting some of the coursework done there. ATS in a sense, in my opinion is taking advantage of individuals that may not have had the proper resources in high school to research a career in nursing. We live in a city with accredited programs with great reputations. Hope this information helps.
  3. by   cnickyxoxo1
    Do anyone remember the entrance exam and what is on the test I should know????
  4. by   cnickyxoxo1
    Yeah that will be a good ideas...but the waiting list is ridicioulous!!!! plus i want to earn some money and go back to get my bachelor while having a base knowledge...
  5. by   NurseTraci
    I attended this School in the downtown Chiago area and this is by Far one of the wrost Nursing programs. The total amount for this program is $30,000. If u are late on your payments you can not come to class. Or they will remove you from class in front of everyone. The teachers hate that by the way! You will then have a absence and 4 or more days missed and your grade will be dropped down a letter grade. They will give a ton of homework online that must be done but if your testing part is not at a 76% you can not pass the class and you will have to retake it. You will not get any clinical experience because the instructors will not show up, oh but it will be charged to your tuition. The teachers are unreliable they barely show up to class so you are pretty much self teaching. They will charge u for books and uniforms but will not supply them you must purchase them out of pocket all through you are charged for them. This place is all about money and they could careless about there students plus they are on probation so you should definitely weigh your options
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