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I am new here I just joined!! I got in to Harper College Nursing Program for Fall 09!!! I am kind of excited but everyone keeps telling me how hard and intense their program is and i am very... Read More

  1. by   lilbutterfly1
    Oh I know where that is.... I am going tuesday morning too. I havent signed up for the second meeting I didnt even know that there was a second meeting. Take micro with Proffesor Mack she is awesome
  2. by   scumberledge
    Thanks for the tip. Are you going to the &:30 CNA thing too on tuesday?
  3. by   lilbutterfly1
    Yes I am...I just received a letter regarding orientation I am going I think its august 3rd at 9:00. Thats when we get to schedule for our classes. I am so happy we are going to be in nursing together... even tho I barely know you lol...
  4. by   scumberledge
    Yea. I have learn from past experiences that the more people you know (in nursing school) the better. Its a relief that we get to find out more information about the semester.
  5. by   scumberledge
    I went on and it let me register for everything but Micro. The nursing department has that saved for students who need it. I did ask the lady in the nursing office why some can registerand others cant and she said the ones that have already registered (march 15 deadline) may not get the classes they picked.
  6. by   lilbutterfly1
    I called DR. Lasky and they told me that during the orientation Aug. 3rd that is when we will be registering...
  7. by   itsa307
    From what I was told by the dept head is that they have Micro (1 Monday and Weds evening class and 1 Monday and Weds late afternoon class) reserved for nursing students only. You can't even see it on the schedule but it is scheduled. So if you're trying to figure out your schedule you can pencil that in.
  8. by   monroeboys2006
    Im attending harper and i just signed up for the CNA program does anyone have a book for the class that they are looking to get rid of
  9. by   AndiePi
    Quote from monroeboys2006
    Im attending harper and i just signed up for the CNA program does anyone have a book for the class that they are looking to get rid of
    I took the CAN class over the summer, I'm willing to sell the book, and the workbook if u want (workbook filled out)
  10. by   monroeboys2006
    Yes I would like the books how much are you selling them for?
  11. by   monroeboys2006
    Yes i would like the books how much are you letting them go for
  12. by   girlfriday
    Hi. I will be a second year student at harper college. We were just informed that we are taking the hesi that pertains to the first year curriculum in the fall. We have not recieved any official word that we are taking it at the end of the program, but I assume that we will. It helps the school ensure that whoever takes the NCLEX will most likely pass. The percentage pass rate is a part of accreditation. They need to stay above a certain percentage. And the school receives funding reimbursment from the state or the government for the students that pass the exam. If anyone has any questions about the program I would be happy to answer them. I was in the first cohort of the new curriculum and because of that missed out on scoop about the program. Good Luck to everyone!
  13. by   girlfriday
    oops! sorry, I meant to reply to the person who asked about the HESI. anyway, if anyone has any questions/concerns just let me know.