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  1. by   Jasel
    Quote from Pinky723
    So what insurance do we have to have? I've been seeing ads for professional liability insurance...I'm so confused!
    Some type of health insurance. Prairie State offers some cheap crappy health insurance but it will cover you.
  2. by   Pinky723
    Thanks Jasel
  3. by   dcw132003
    i hope someone sees this. any other nurse on here can answer these questions for me please! career project for speech due tomorrow! i really hope someone sees this! never dawned on me about guys! been searching for a nurse for a week!

    years in position
    how did you decide to enter this field?
    what kind of education or training do you have?
    what activities and responsibility on the job?
    generally with organization, individual workers do not make all the decisions. how are work decisions made in organization?
    how much influence do you have over those decisions?
    what do you like best about your job? least?
    what do you find most difficult about your job?
    what would you change about your job if you could?
    what sort of person do you have to be to be really good at this job?
    what specific advice would give to a person entering this field?
    where do you expect to go from here?

    Thanks in advance!
  4. by   HighPursuit23
    hello, i'm back!!! well, this year i will be completed with all of my classes as far as applying for the adn program at prairie state!!! i'm not giving up my hopes and dreams as being a nurse!!! this year i will have the whole entire spring semester to study the heisi!!! i will have at least a 115 in my rank score!!! i also expects to do exceedingly well on my heisi a2 exam next year!!! can you give me some feedback on people that retaken the heisi 2 times or more?? was the questions the same???
    Quote from shollidd
    hey you, thanks for the reply, i got the acceptance letter about a week ago. let me know how you're doing-and don't let this school change you're profession. i know any school like to weed people out, so i am not that excited to be 1 of the 95 people. i feel like i didn't really earn to be in the program due to the fact i got 20 indistrict points. my grades are high but my confidence is low because of not getting in last year. i have to regroup and get back into gear because i work, and plan on quitting when i start this program.
    if you did not receive a letter by last week that means you didn't get in, i called last week and they sent the letters out may 4th, and said they will be sending rejection letters out about a week after may 4th.
    i will definitely keep you updated on the program and what to expect and i hope you get in, and if not now, then next year, make sure you keep you're grades up in communication 101, psych 101&, a&p 1&2 micro, eng 101 & 102 and humanities if you take it. dr. nelson is awesome for a&p.
    keep me updated! let me know if you have anymore questions
  5. by   iamsam
    Are you working as an LPN now? I'm scared of the $$$ @ Everest, I've been accepted and start Sept. 4, 2012,,,do you recommend this school?
  6. by   iamsam
    Quote from Jasel
    I got my LPN at Everest College out in Merrillville. Right off RT 30 and Broadway in the Chase bank building
    Are you working as an LPN now? Do you recommend the school? the waiting lists are soooo long around here in northwest indiana,,,I'm tired on just making on my CNA pay @ a near by hospital.

    I have been accpeted Sept 4, 2012 is my start date, I was having 2nd thoughts cuz of how expensive it is, PLEASE give me your honest review.
  7. by   Jasel
    Quote from iamsam
    Are you working as an LPN now? Do you recommend the school? the waiting lists are soooo long around here in northwest indiana,,,I'm tired on just making on my CNA pay @ a near by hospital.

    I have been accpeted Sept 4, 2012 is my start date, I was having 2nd thoughts cuz of how expensive it is, PLEASE give me your honest review.
    I'm currently working PRN at a LTC facility and I worked for 18 months full time at another LTC facility before that. It's a good program and the teachers are excellent. Ya it is very expensive but it is a private for-profit school (ugh I'll be paying those loans back for yeeaaarrsss) so that's to be expected but that was the only downside. I'd recommend it. Now keep in mind I'm talking *specifically* about the Everest college *Nursing Program* in Merrillville off Rt 30 and Broadway. I've heard some horror stories about other Everest College campuses around the country as it pertains to their surgical tech and medical assistant programs.
  8. by   Khalilahmr
    Hello Ladies,
    I know I'm very late in joing this topic.I was searching in Google to see where Prairie State College Nursing Students do their clinicals and I came across this thread. You all have provided some very useful information about PSC's ADN Program. I recently just decided what I wanted to do with my life at 23 and I decided to go back to PSC. The only medical experience I have is in Medical Billing and Coding. However I was very unaware of how difficult the ADN program is. I am still doing pre-req's at PSC and I currently have 42 pts. I wish I had realized what I wanted to do a couple of years ago before having my children. Now I'm faced with the challenge of balancing school and two toddlers. You all seem to be very supportive to one another and I hope you all have had much success with the program. I'm probably looking at applying for 2014 if I meet all the science req's. If there is any more information you all can provide about your information please divulge and I'll be waiting to read about more of your experiences. I'm curious as to the many changes from year to year. Has anything major changed this year that is different from last year's entrance requirements?
  9. by   Khalilahmr
    O one more thing ladies. Whoever has taken the CNA course at PSC what do you recommend for successful completion? Do we have to order the CNA scrubs from the school as well? Is this class terribly difficult? Who is the best Instructor for this course? I apologize for the many questions but I'm super anxious to get started in the Nursing Program I just want to make sure all of my ducks are in a row.
  10. by   mrose3
    Hello everyone!
    Ok, so i have kinda been reading through some posts and joined because i was googling prairie state college nursing program reviews.
    In january i am going to be going back to school. I originally went for Criminal Justice, and unfortunately i didnt really care about my grades i just wanted to get through. Now that i have been out of school for 2 years now i realize it is not what i wanted, and decided to go for nursing
    But was looking for reviews on PSC program, especially because everyone on here is talking about points?? when i spoke with an adivsor i dont remember anything about points?
    Any additional help/advice would be greatly appreciated!!