Any LNCs in the Chicago Area?

  1. I am really interested in this field and have spent alot of time reading, reading, and reading. I have gone through all the links provided here through postings and the stickies from Siri. I have sent away for information from a couple of educational facilities. I would really like to find an LNC I could spend some time with to see what it really takes to build a career in this area of nursing. What a day in the life of an LNC is really like as compared to the overly positive success stories of the advertisements. They make it all sound soooo easy to land those first cases. The respect from the client base also sounds wonderful. However, from what I keep reading in alot of these postings is that the attorneys don't really need RNs and it's very difficult to get them to consider using us.

    Another consideration is that I would only be able to start on a part time basis due to current financial constraints. I would like to know how feasible this would be to get off the ground. It sounds that you need to have alot of time available to market successfully. I have never had to "market" anything. This is the part that is scarry to me.

    So, if anyone out there would be willing to have a "student" follow them for a day or two let me know.

    Afraid to make a costly mistake.
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    Hello, flowersRN,

    I moved your thread to the Illinois forum. Maybe you will get some responses here.

    I understand your hesitation. Yes, I think if you can speak directly with another LNC, this might help you. I will be glad to talk to you if you want. PM me and we can arrange for this. It might help allay some of your anxiety.

    You can only make the decision for yourself. Yes, it can be life-altering. But, anytime you decide to change careers, even within the same profession, it is rather frightening. The fear of the unknown. But, please do not think this is a sham of a profession. It is not. Many fall by the wayside as LNCs and the reason? They give up before they can really get started.

    Yes, you are absolutely correct about marketing. The normal run-of-the-mill individual, especially the nurse, hasn't a clue how to enter the world of marketing. This must be learned and your style developed and honed over time. But, it can be done. You just need to be shown how to start and how to develop your own way.

    I wish you luck in your decision/s. And, please, if I can help you with those decisions, send me a message.