1. Hi, I am really worried about the point system to get into PrairieStateCollege nursing program. Is anyone else out there applying for this years nursing entry? Have you guys heard of the lowest or maybe highest points that you need to get in? Thank you & goodluck to you all.
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  3. by   Tlee4
    Yes, I am! However, Im just as worried as you. At this point, I wish they would send the letters out and tell me my fate because this is my year to get into someones nursing school. I can not wait any longer! But what are you confused about with the point system?
  4. by   Success2017
    I'm worried as well!
  5. by   pinkSCRUBS22
    I def need to be in someone's program this year as well!!! I spoke with admissions last week and they did say that the letters will be officially sent off on Monday May 1st. So I'll be stalking the mail all next week lol. I guess I was tryin to say that I'm nervous about the point system. I don't feel I scored to high of points to be "choosen", plus I won't have "in district points" to add to my score. That's why I asked the question " has anyone heard of the lowest points someone has accepted into there program with?
  6. by   Tlee4
    Sounds like we are on the same page here! I guess its normal to have these emotions. Well, looking on this site, I notice people have said (in the past) they got in with as low as 106 points. I said to myself, "if that is the case I should be good!" But that was 2011 or 2012...quite some time ago. Im just really hoping for the best. Thank God they're sendibg the letters out this week. Geesh! Thats a little weight off my shoulders. I didnt even know that much.
  7. by   Alexis21
    I'm glad someone made a 2017 hopeful post. I'm also worried about the acceptance letter as well,?im just glad to know that they'll be sending them out on the 1st hopefully I get one
  8. by   Success2017
    I'm glad they are sending out letters on the 1st! I do have a question regarding how the hesi is added to our points. I know in the past, points were added/subtracted based on the score. Didn't they say in orientation that your hesi score would just be added to the total number of points you have? I have also been looking at the old forums trying to gauge if I have a good chance of being accepted but as someone already mentioned, those forums are old and I know some things have changed since then.
  9. by   pinkSCRUBS22
    Yes my point exactly. These forums are old and a lot has probably changed with how they do things. I Dont recall anyone mentioning anything about points being deducted or added because of a HESI score. I may have missed that part in orientation.
  10. by   Tlee4
    Do you guys have any other schools in mind in the event you dont get accepted?
  11. by   Tlee4
    Do you guys have any other schools in mind in the event you dont get accepted?
  12. by   Alexis21
    I believe you get 5 extra points for being in district but that's no help for me I'm out of district and yeah the points that u got on the hesi gets added to your ranking score as far as deductions I didn't hear anything about that
  13. by   pinkSCRUBS22
    Oh no. This is my first time ever applying to nursing school. I put all my eggs in one basket. I shouldn't have done that but If however I don't get accepted I will def be applying to at least 3 adn programs next year as well as a bsn program.
  14. by   poppycat
    I just want to wish you all the best. I graduated from Prairie State 39 years ago this week. It's a great program.