Accepted to nursing program Chicago State!! Now What?

  1. Hi guys. I was accepted to the nursing program at Chicago State University in Chicago, now I have no clue of what to expect. Any info would be greatly appreciated. I was a nervous wreck waiting for the acceptance letter, now I don't know what I am in store for.
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  3. by   athrun340
    High five. I got accepted too. Orientation is on Jan 14.
  4. by   ag.wade
    ]Congrats! Make sure you have all of your paperwork, shots, etc. submitted. Rest up and get ready for the ride!
  5. by   3boys_n_a_dog
    Hi athrun340! I am so excited for orientation. It feels like all of the hard work is finally paying off. Congrats to you to!!! Out of 120 people we made it! Look forward to seeing you at orientation.
  6. by   rollyp80
    As a Senior student I welcome you aboard. Please keep up the excitement and love for wanting to be a nurse. Sometimes, as rough as the ride will be, it's all you have to get you through. Make friends, learn new study habits, and read, read, read!!!! Once again, welcome....and if you need any help or insight....don't hesitate to drop me a line!
  7. by   msw1979
    Congrats to all of the incoming CSU nursing students. I can't wait for January 14 to come as well. Just a little nervous as to what to expect!
    To all my chi state sisters we are a blessed group to have got into the program!!!!!!!!!!!!!! rollyp80 do you remember what orientation consist of? What type of physical did you have to go through? Thanks for being here for us newbies
  9. by   3boys_n_a_dog
    Hi CSU fam! We have mandatory registration on Jan 5th. 12-2pm
  10. by   athrun340
    Quote from acrosby.csu
    Hi CSU fam! We have mandatory registration on Jan 5th. 12-2pm
    Hey where did you hear this? how are we going to register? do we have to go to the campus?? Im confused.
  11. by   3boys_n_a_dog
    hey athrun. i got an e-mail on jan 1st form prof. germain. here is the post.
    dear applicant,
    once again, congratulations on your acceptance to the professional sequence of the nursing program at csu for promotion 2011. in order to get you started, there will be a mandatory open registration session on wednesday, january 5, 2011 for you to register for your classes on time.

    the session will be held in the business and health sciences building-bhs, room 100. room 100 is the nursing lab on the computer side.

    the session will be held from 12pm to 2pm. please try to be on time.

    hope to see you then!

    prof. monique germain

    note: this email is intended to be read by applicants who have received their acceptance letter. pardon us if any other name has been included by unintentionally.

    monique germain, rn, ms
    sistant professor & advisor
    interim chairperson
    department of nursing
    college of health sciences
    chicago state university

    fax: 773-821-2438

    this came to my regular e-mail because i have csu forwarded. we have to be on campus to register. send me a private message and i will update you. glad you checked, because a few more people did not know also.
  12. by   athrun340
    Thank you so much Acrosby. I need to start checking my csu email regularly. Ill see you on Wednesday.
  13. by   athrun340
    Hi Im just wondering if any CSU students bought their books already and if so can you please post the isbn of each book and the cost. Thank you so much.
  14. by   evacooper
    im interested in CSU's nursing program. What was ur gpa and did u have to take the TEAS test if soo what was ur over all grade??

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