absn - bsn, are they the same thing?

  1. hi, i was looking at another post about a 12-15 month program for absn. would the be the same thing as a bsn. i know a bach. is supose to take 4 years but i don't know everything :uhoh21: . if they are the same thing, has anyone done the 12-15 month program. what do you think of it, was it worth it? any info would be great :spin:

    ps, money isn't an issue, the fiancee is a doctor
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  3. by   suzanne4
    You need to already have a Bachelor's degree for an accelerated program in some area..............

    The final degree from both will be the BSN...........

    There are already many threads on the same topic, please just take the time to do a search.:spin: