aas for nursing the same everywhere? future student, please help

  1. hello every body. I'm very new to this site but i need some advice.
    i want to get my RN, maybe my LPN first so i can start making money. the problem is i don't know which school i want to go to. i live in the Chicago area, Naperville, and i don't know where to go. is a community college just as good as any other? for that matter, are there any other schools around here. i just moved here 2 months ago and i have no clue.
    my long term goal is to become a LPN, then an RN, a pa or CRNA, then finally a MD. what things should i make sure to do so i take the right steps to get where I'm going.
    thanks all for all the advice!

    PS, if i got my AAS at a community college, would it jeopardize my getting into a school to get my BS in nursing then my CRNA, pa, or MD program?
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  3. by   nurseangel47
    I would recommend going to a community college in the area (wherever that may be...not from there so don't know...) to get the ADN (associate degree in nursing). Then proceed from there....don't bother wasting time on getting the baby steps, you might as well go for BSN if you're interested in the CRNA program, though. Just skip doing LPN...unless, of course, you HAVE to work as a LPN during the RN part of your plan. Talk to a college counselor at a college for more detail in your area. They'd probably be the best resouce of info. GOOD LUCK!:spin: