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hi! i just graduated with my bsn and will take my nclex within the next 2 weeks. i did a summer externship in critical care, and also took my capstone rotation in critical care. i have leadership, tutoring, and teacher assisting experience as a student at nursing school. i also speak 3 languages and worked as an interpreter in high school. i have included these things in my resume and cover letter. i live in il but want to move to va and work there. i have sent in about 20 applications to positions at 6 hospitals in va over the past 5 weeks, but not heard back from any yet.

what advice can you give me?

what is the va rn job market like right now?

what could i do to start getting interviews?

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Where is Virginia? It's a big state ... and the different regions are very different from each other. For example, "Northern Virginia" (around Washington, DC) is very different from the rural areas found in the southwestern part of the state. Where exactly are you planning to move?


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Thanks for clarifying llg! I'm thinking Northern Virginia - within a 2-hour-drive radius of DC.

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I live in that area and I just graduated. I am having an extremely hard time getting an interview, let alone a job. I have also applied for at least 20 jobs and have not heard anything. There are not a lot of new grad jobs. Most of the openings want at least one year of experience. Also there are a ton of schools around here with RN programs so there is a lot of competition for the limited number of new grad positions. If one of the languages you speak is Spanish that is definitely an big plus.