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Hello to all!

I am currently pursuing taking my career in a different direction. I have applied for a commission in the US Commissioned Corps, and I am excited about the new beginning. However, I am still a "newbie" as I graduated in May of 2008 and have been working in mental health and public health. I am interested in working with the IHS. I feel like I can benefit in many ways from this program. I can serve my country, I can serve some of the most deserving patients, as well as obtain loan repayment and learn a new culture and see new places. Sounds like a win for me. I have been researching the different areas, but I am wondering which areas are the most family friendly? I have a 9 month old daughter and anywhere I go, she must go! I am REALLY interested in Alaska, but it is proving to be difficult to get in with the Alaska Native Medical Center. This area would be the best option because my parents are stationed in Alaska and can help me with my daughter. Anyone have any suggestions, comments, or know of any other areas to where I can access daycare for my child? This is something I really want but I am getting a little discouraged. Please help!!

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