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Hi ~

Thought I would post this question that I have been pondering for a couple months. I have not been able to find a good source for counsel here in my community (Portland Oregon) yet...don't really know what my first steps should be in the process...

I need some direction .

I have Bachelors in Biz Administration, and am currently back in school to get my RN/ASN (June 2006). I have 20 years of business experience, 10 of which owning my own biz. I'm very interested in Nursing Mgmt, but continue to wonder if my BSBA and biz experience along with my RN/ASN will be enough to get me into a leadership role within 2 years. My current clinical interests are cardiac care (strongly leaning), ICU, Surgery, and ER.

Advice on Direction:

If you were me With a BSBA & RN (ASN) what kind of postion would you pursue & why?

What clinical areas (cardiac, critical care, surgery, or ER) might be more condusive for a mangement position...or does it matter?

What kind of additional education would you suggest. (feel free to elaborate on the values a skill certifications as well as degrees...) BSN? MSN? MBA? (don't want to get an MBA...:stone )

Thanks for your help...this is my very first post I've been lurking around here for a couple of days, and I'm becoming a regular!!:coollook:

Love these little fellas....:) :coollook: :chuckle :rolleyes: :p :rotfl:

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Call the nursing program at OHSU. They have a traditional on campus program and an 'extended studies' program. They are also more than willing to discuss your education options with you. Nice people.

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Welcome to Allnurses!

I prefer a manager to have lots of clinical experience in the specialty that he/she is managing. For instance, if you've been a CCU nurse, then move up to manager while still retaining your skills, you're usually better-received from the staff than someone who doesn't have that experience. Therefore, your leadership has more authority than someone who has no clinical experience.

I would also recommend getting Specialty Certification in the area of nursing that you choose.

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