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If I fail can I still pursue Nursing?

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If I fail nursing school, is there anyway I can still pursue that career? I'm currently in nursing school in Ontario. If I were to fail is there anyway I can apply to another school for the same program?

A) if I pursue international studies abroad ie. U.S, Australia, New Zealand, England, Ireland

would i be able to get financial assistances and can i be done with the nursing program?

I'm in the US and I have heard of students failing a program at one school and later on trying again at another school. I would check into schools that you are interested and see if they would accept a student that failed a previous program with another school. Keep in mind that the schools can pick and choose which credits that they will accept as transfer credit and I have not heard of many schools that would award credit for the nursing classes that were passed with another program to allow a student to transfer in just to pick up where they left off. Actually, I have only heard of one and they aren't accredited so if you wanted to further your education later, you would be starting all over again in most circumstances.

I don't know anything about financial aide for students studying abroad, sorry.


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