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If you got into Wallace, please check in!!

Congrats to all! If anyone wants to meet before November 16th, let me know. We could meet for coffee somewhere convenient or PM me at https://allnurses.com/members/322350/


I got my letter today, I'm in !!!!!!:yeah:



Specializes in Dementia,. Alzheimer's.

I called monday and I'am in. OMG ! Iam so happy I think I'm still shocked LOL. Does anybody want to carpool Im up for it lol. @ californiadreaming I would love to met up but I dont drink coffee maybe lunch ? Maybe we could form a study group?

Are you accepted into the generic rn program or lpn-rn mobility program? Where would you carpool from?


Specializes in Dementia,. Alzheimer's.

@2brn09 I got into the general RN-ADN program but Iam pt which I only have class on Wedenesday due to the fact the block I wanted filled up fast. I have no clue where to carpool I just know I want to it would be a lot easier on my tank lol. I will know for sure by January 8, 2009 or January 11, 2009. How everything is going to be so that I can carpool I'm not sure where my clinical are going to be. Which program are you in?

I just discovered this website, but I got accepted to the '10 Spring semester. Anyone going ft? Congrats to everyone who got in! Here's to a world wind experience :yeah:. Good luck everyone!


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