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I'm looking at picking up a perdiem job at another facility or simply picking up extra hours working at the hospital I work at now. I just wanted to bounce my options off of ya in relation to how my extra work could help boost up my resume for when it's time to apply to a few programs.

Currently, I'm working in a Vascular/Trauma SICU at a level I trauma center. (Sometime in the near future I will be trained as relief charge.) I plan on staying put until/if I get accepted to a program.

Other options:

1. Pick up shifts in the PACU at the same hospital I work at now.

2. Work in an ED at another facility. (Doing this would nearly double my pay.)

3. I also have the oppurtunity after this summer is up to get a position as an on call administrative coordinator at a smaller community hospital. This position is after hours and wears many hats but is essentially after hours hospital management. Lots of decisions to make regarding patient placement, staffing, crisis management, etc..

Any thoughts would be much appreciated.

Donn C.


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Since you are already working in a TICU/SICU, I would pick up shifts where you can make the most money. Most schools won't care where you picked up extra shifts. Go for the $$$$ so you can save a little more for school or pay off bills! just my opinion.


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A related question:

Does it hurt you at all (application-wise) to change status from full-time to per diem (PRN) after gaining the required year of experience? It would give the opportunity to pick up hours (for better $$) in different units or split time between specialty areas. What do you guys think?


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I think until you get accepted into a program stay full time in at least 1 ICU. I think most programs see 1 year as the minimum requirement and some prefer more than that. Unless you have outstanding GPA and GRE scores I'd stay put. Most schools probably realize that ICU's don't bend over backwards to train the per diems/agency/float pool nurse new skills, ie swans, vents, balloons. GOOD Luck!


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Trauma/Vascular ICU will give you a much better background and experience than a PACU or most ED's. Take the extra time you would work per-diem and take a graduate science or nursing course.

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