If you are an Advanced Practice Nurse I need your help


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Hello fellow Nurses!

I need a huge favor. I have a research assignment to complete for a Nursing Professional Roles Course. I need an interview survey to be filled out by an advanced practice nurse. If there are any Nurse Practitioners, Clinical Nurse Specialists, CRNAs or Nurse Midwives on this board who are willing to complete the questions for me I would greatly appreciate it. I don't know any Advanced Practice Nurses that I can personally ask which is why I am requesting someone from this board for help. I have attached the survey to this thread. There are 12 questions. You can be as brief as you want with the responses, and no names or facilities will be disclosed. In fact, you can make up your name and facility if you want, i just need someone who has been in an Advance Pracitce Nursing role to answer the questions because they are specific to that job function. If anyone could find it in their heart to help me out, I would greatly appreciated it!

feel free to PM me if you have any questions about the survey.

Thanks in advance!

Professional Nurse Interview.doc


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Specializes in ICU, CVICU, Surgical, LTAC. Has 6 years experience.

ok so i see that numerous people have viewed this post but no one has responded. I am begging that someone finds it in there heart to do a good deed for today. Im sure you all remember how stressful school is. I don't know how i will complete this assignment if no one will agree to do the survey. All i need is one person.

Well I guess I'll keep praying that someone out there will find it in their heart to help me out.

Thanks again.


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You might get some one qualified to answer once it is past the wee hours of the morning in the U.S.. I am a student, not an advanced practice nurse.