If you were admitted What was your gpa and teas test score


I waiting for admissions into my first choice and i wanted to know what everyones gpa and teas test score was that got in. I'm so freaked out!! I just want to know if i got in or not. Congrats to everyone that has gotten in!


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i got into the school of my choice..they go by gpa only...i had a 3.51!

Good luck! and don't freak out! just be patient, and do everything to the best of your abilities!!!!


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I found out today for my school TEAS is 1/3 of what they look at and GPA is 2/3. She said the average GPA ranges from 3.5-4.0 but there have been times when they accepted a 3.0. She also said that if you have a high GPA you can get away with lower TEAS scores and vice versa. I was shocked when she said the average TEAS score for admittance is mid 70's to 80's and she rarely sees any in the 90's. I was so stressed thinking everyone gets 90 and above on the TEAS. That made me feel a little better. I guess it just depends on the school.


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3.83 GPA

92.4% TEAS

Good Luck!


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gpa 3.67

teas 98%ile

my friend got in with a 3.2 gpa, don't know about the teas score though.

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