Identifying Gordon's functional health patterns help!


Identify the specific functional pattern(s) that would be at-risk or dysfunctional for the following nursing diagnoses to be made: isolation related to lack of transportation

b.chronic low self-esteem related to obesity

c.knowledge deficit [signs of hypoglycemia]

d.spiritual distress related to inability to practice religious rituals

e.diversional activity deficit related to long-term confinement to home

f.sleep pattern disturbance related to to sensory overload

g.ineffective family coping: disabling related to recurrent marital discord

h.role performance disturbance related to effects of chronic pain

i.potential for violence directed at others related to effects of hallucinations.

I came up with:

a. role relationship pattern: social isolation; social interaction, impaired

b. Self-Perception and Self concept pattern: body image,chronic low self-esteem; Nutritional-metabolic pattern ??

c.Cognitive-perceptual pattern:

d. value-belief pattern: risk for spiritual distress; impaired religiosity


f.Sleep-rest Pattern: disturbed sleep pattern; Cognitive perceptual pattern: sensory impaired

g.coping stress tolerance pattern; role relationship pattern: family process interrupted

h.Role Relationship Pattern:

i.Cognitive- perceptual pattern: confusion; role relationship: risk for violence other-directed

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