Ideas on studying for Nclex, esp when to start studying?


I graduate in Dec of 2010!! only one more semester to go! We were told to start studying for Nclex on July 1st (so a solid 6 months of studying before we're set to take the test) but I don't know where to start. I definitely want to take Nclex immediately following graduation.

My problem is when I took my end of year one hesi I did, 680 terrible. DONT JUDGE ME! Our hesi didn't count towards our grade and I literally skimmed through it. I probably wouldve gotten in the avg 800-900 range, as I'm an above average student, but out HESI was during finals week and to be honest, I couldn't be bothered :) Regardless, I believe I really need to study hard for Nclex. How is everyone else doing it? Weekly goals?? I have Saunders, Mosbys and some other "illustrated study guide" so I don't need to buy any review books I just don't know how to tackle it. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


I am mostly interested in using my Saunders book (You know, the blue one.) Would anyone else recommend just going through the book, slowly but surely, over the next 6 months? I do NOT want to go back and read old notes because I feel some of my teachers are off base with their information. Is Saunders a good source of review information? I'm someone who consistently scores As on comprehensive finals so I know I have a lot of knowledge in my head so I don't need to relearn, I just want to review!

Again thanks for input!


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There are many threads with suggestions for preparing for NCLEX on the NCLEX forum. You can just start with chapter one in your Saunders review book. Six months is a long time to get ready. Good luck.


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My plan is to go over information in Saunders by taking the end of chapter quizzes rather than reading all the information. If I get a 75% or better then I can continue to the next chapter, if not then I'll review the chapter. Once I finish that I'm going to just keep doing question after question after question until my brain can't handle it!

I didn't know there was an Nclex forum! THanks!