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Ideas focusing on the aging yuppy generation


Hi all,

My very successful but non health professional brother keeps telling me that there has got to be something lucrative to do that revolves around the aging of the baby boomers.

One thought that is indirectly related is that are in between the ages of 40 and 65 or so. While many of them are not needing service, many of their parents are! There have got to be those that for many reasons do not have the time to deal with the following issues, or are out of town and cannot. I am wondering about the following situations but not all that familiar with this area of nursing.

I have known several people who have had to put their parents in a nursing home, or some type ofassisted living .It has been overwhelming for some.

They have no idea what to look for , what is good or bad, what their parents medical coverage payes for etc. They spend a day or more visint places and make a decision that they hope is correct but who knows...

Then once they are in the facility, the parent needs things like pamppers, or prescritions, or the daily things like lotion, toothpaste, etc.. They need to get a haircut Or they need to go see the doctor, or dentist, or eye doc, podiatrist etc.

THen there are all the hospital and NH bills to deal with.

Does anyone see any possibilites for services here??


Has 18 years experience.

The facilities I've worked in included the incontinence products with the fees. They also had gift shops on site for personal items. Those who were fit enought took trips to the mall with the activities co-ordinators.

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