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  1. I am graduating in may and I have a couple of years experience as a LPN and hope to make a little extra cash for my experience. Does any one know the average pay for new grads with experience?
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  3. by   BBQvegan
    I'm also curious what a new grad RN starting salary is in Idaho, as well as the cost of living. Is it a nice place to live?
  4. by   Race Mom
    I don't live in Idaho (yet) but I have looked at the websites of some of the hospitals in Boise. They have the wage listed for the positions open and it seems that the RN positions start between $19-$20. Home prices are on the rise, so I hope Rn wages go up too.
  5. by   remrimsgems
    Quote from BBQvegan
    I'm also curious what a new grad RN starting salary is in Idaho, as well as the cost of living. Is it a nice place to live?

    [BANANA]I can safely say that Idaho cost of living is pretty low.[/BANANA]

    It can be a very nice place to live. A 4X4 would be handy. I think RN's makes mucho dinero .....
  6. by   Otessa
    I have lived in Idaho for 9 years and my wages have gone up.........

    If you are willing to work in the Float Pool or ICU(not a new grad though) you can make 15% more per hour than a nurse on a regular floor.
  7. by   DVorah
    The starting wage for a BS prepared new RN at St Luke's Regional Medical Center in Boise is $20.59, plus shift and weekend differentials. Much better benefits package than Denver, CO.
  8. by   gradgitated
    I have been in touch with several of my classmates (we graduated in June of this year) and the average starting salary for new grads in the Lewis-Clark Valley is around $23.00 an hour. Some new grads do get hired into the float pool....'seems to depend on experience (and sometimes the opinion of your preceptor, if you do your clinical rotations at the hospital where you apply for a job....our instructors called the preceptored part of clinicals "a working job interview"). Washington or Oregon might be a better choice for you if you're looking to make more money; Idaho is a "right-to-work" state so the wages tend to be a bit lower.
  9. by   annerbo
    I'm a new grad (RN) and have been hired on in Twin Falls at the hospital. Starting is $20.21 without shift dif. They do hire new grads on ICU and NICU. Southern ID is a great place. Not far from fun things. We don't get a whole lot of snow but the wind does blow
  10. by   frixion
    I originally posted this days before I graduated the RN program last year. Since than I finally passed the RN course almost a year after graduation and have negotiated myself some exceptional deals. I can say that more than half the battle is knowing when and how to ask for more. I am currently making 25.62/28.12 with night differential at one hospital and 25.00/hr at a long term care facility. One thing I can say don't be afraid after your established to go looking around even if your happy where your at because you never know how valuable you are to an employer until they are afraid to lose you.
  11. by   annerbo
    Thanks for the info. Any words of advice about negotiating sign on bonus? I noticed that you have worked in TCU. Do you still work at SLMVRMC?
  12. by   frixion
    guess I'm a little slow on the reply lol. sorry about that. I did work for SLMVRMC a long time ago... as far as negociating sign on bonuses go as far as I can tell around Idaho they are pretty locked in to what you get will be what they offer. That being said there is a little wiggle room with bonuses during negociations if for instance you don't need health insurance, or have special skills being searched for by that company.