New grad RN moving to Pocatello

  1. I am moving to pocatello in August for my fiance to finish school at ISU. I just graduated nursing school in May and am looking at applying to Portneuf.
    Looking for any insight or support!
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  3. by   madRNBSNfer
    Hi kdnightRN,BSN
    I don't work there but I went to school in Pocatello and completed clinical rotations up at Portneuf. Any specific that you're wondering about? Usually the school of nursing in Pocatello pumps out new BSN grads every winter and every spring but with the new curriculum they only have graduates being pumped out in the spring - and this has affected Portneuf (they're in need of nurses) and not only Portneuf but also EIRMC in Idaho Falls. They are both level 2 centers and do some pretty cool things. The only unit that I have found to be a little more stressful than the others is the Med-Surg unit (granted it is a busy floor with many patients all needing something at the same time). The units for the most part all have nurse aids - but they themselves seem to be stretched thin. I don't know if I covered what you were wanti
  4. by   kdnighRN
    Thank you for your respons mfmn123. Not really sure what to ask about because I don't know what I don't know
    Any information about the area would be awesome as well as about Portneuf.
    Thank you for your insight in regard to Portneuf. I have heard that the MedSurg floor is super busy from another person but that its also a great place to learn lots of new information!
    I am currently in the interview process for a pre/post op job.

    Thank you again!
  5. by   madRNBSNfer
    Glad you've been able to find your way around. As far as Pocatello, the area is great for fans of the outdoors. Lots of hiking trails, Scout mountain - great place for more hiking, bonfires, camping, Pebble Creek for skiing/snowboarding, great rock climbing opportunities. The town is growing and a lot of new business chains are coming in -shopping isn't what it could be but Idaho Falls (45 min drive) is an alternative. I would consider Pocatello a friendly area -no crime from my experience living there for five years. Idaho State University provides opportunities as well - cultural nights which are always popular (food, music, performances etc.) Regarding Portneuf, it is a for profit hospital my absolutely favorite rotation was same day surgery- I was able to be in pre op then intra op and then go post op and the people that I encountered were great - my favorite by far (but I am a fan of the OR so I'm a little biased). I think you'll be in great hands regarding that unit and best of luck! If you have specific questions feel free to send them my way and hopefully you find this info helpful