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  1. I am just getting ready to graduate and was wondering, is it easy going from the student role to the actual, I am the nurse role?
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  3. by   CLK2007
    I wouldn't say it is "easy." You can do anything with the
    right attitude.
    I graduated this May (2007) as a new RN, and my first job has me
    happy one day and discouraged the next. I am learning a lot and am happy to finally be an RN.
    I have purchased different books that have assisted me with
    different issues in nursing. I also have an Aunt who just retired
    from nursing. It is nice to have someone to talk to about the
    stresses of being a nurse. I think only a nurse can truly understand
    what it is like to do what we do.
    If you have questions about any particular issues, I would be happy
    to continue the dialogue.
    Good Luck! I am sure you will be great!
  4. by   NewlyLicensedNVRN
    I agree with the previous authors comments, but in addition, if you have the right nursing residency/internship you can do anything. This is especially true of the programs that last 6 months - 1 year.
  5. by   LiliaBSN
    It's tough because you don't have that preceptor to follow around any more. And that whole "You're the nurse now, you do it" is a rough thing to get over. Don't be afraid to ask CNA's, DON's and unit coordinators for help. If you can get hired as a new grad (hahahahahahahahahahaha) there will be people there to support you.