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:rollI am holding on to the rumor that one can become a CNA then :roll Roll into a LPN program with aid from an employer. :chuckle Has anyone taken that path? I am looking at going to CSI's nursing... Read More

  1. by   slindsey1230
    Quote from danialise4
    I just recently got accepted into the classes to become a CNA my class schedule was for 2 weeks 7a-3:30p YES alot of hours but it's only for two weeks thank goodness :trout: LoL!! but while going through the interview the nurse said if i sign a 2 years contract with them i can get my LPN free and it only takes a year instead of the normal 2. this is the most terrfic idea i've heard in a long time 1 year to become an LPN and no tution cost!!! now i'm working at NHC and maybe your not really wanting to work with geriatrics but i love them there are a few who a tad bit crazy but others are wonderful i love going to work which is awesome to say considering i've tried every job in the world and never was satisfied!! but again my nurse told she's pretty sure ALL NHC places do this mostly for the community colleges around you but luckally my communty college (columbia state, columbia tn) is top notch for nursing and EVERYONE wants to go there!! but i hope you consider this..!!! they haven't said to much about the LPN transition to a RN but once your become an LPN i know some hospitals provide the money for you to become an RN while signing a contract with them! hope i helped!!
    Where did you take your CNA class that was two weeks? Is that all you have to do to become a CNA?
    Where did you get the contract? Sounds pretty awesome!!
  2. by   uRabbit
    Anyone know of any companies in Boise/Meridian/Nampa areas that do this and are hiring? Maybe even ones that pay for CNA?
  3. by   kwilliams1024
    what is the name of this school CSI or da name of the website....
  4. by   nksando
    CSI stands for College of Southern Idaho. It's in Twin Falls You can google the school name for the website.

    Hope this helps!
  5. by   kwilliams1024
    Ok thanks I'm hearing dat this school has a CNA to LPN program online is this true

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