I think my CNA lisence is on the line and that my boss is threatening me.

  1. Ok so I have two days left on my job. There have been two girls that have been bullying me and trying to get me to quit early. And today they were able too. Now I also had surgery earlier this week and should not even be working. So it took a lot to get me to this point. I called my boss and told her everything. I was still at work but was just in my car for privacy. After I explained everything she claimed that she'd have to put job abandonment on my record....so I told her if I finished my shift out today would you still have to put that and she said no because we got someone to cover my shift. But if I finish out the schedule then I'd be fine. I feel like that she is threatening me to get me to stay. I did not abandon my job. We got that shift to be covered. How big is this?
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  3. by   Sour Lemon
    Job abandonment has nothing to do with your license or certification. It has to do with you not fulfilling your obligation(s) to your employer.
    It's best to finish any job on good terms when at all possible. Nursing is a small world, after all. So do what you must, but consider the consequences.