Finally accepted into Boise State Nursing!

  1. Hello everyone. My name is Briana, I am 20 years and from Boise, Idaho!

    I am officially a Boise State Nursing student! This was my second time applying, and I have a 3.78 in the pre-reqs. I can't wait to begin on this amazing journey! I have worked so hard and now it's finally happening! Currently I am working as a CNA at a skilled nursing facility and I hope to become an NP. (I'm leaning towards pediatrics, but have read about how specializing really narrows your job opportunities so maybe FNP?)

    While I was completing my pre-reqs and waiting for my acceptance letter I decided to also major in psychology (I am only one semester away from graduating with a psyc degree, so why not finish it out). Anyways I am just so excited! And good luck to all those who are still waiting on their letters, and keep trying!! Don't give up on your dreams!

    Thanks for reading!

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  3. by   bisson

    I've been a nurse for 7 years and I still remember the excitement of getting accepted into my nursing school.

    I wish you lots of luck in your nursing journey.
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    Thank you both very much! I am so excited to start in a month and a half!
  6. by   FutureNurse208
    Hey Briana! First of all congratulations! I bet you were super excited when you got that letter. I am going to try to apply for the first time in the Fall to start in the Spring. I am just finishing up some classes this summer (Stats is just finishing up and will be starting Bio 228 here pretty quick) to get to that goal. So hopefully I'll see you around the Nursing building sometime soon.

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