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  1. I am looking to become an RN. I have worked with developmentally disabled adults for three years now, and am ready to move onto something I actually want to do, rather than something I just ended up doing.

    I would like some opinions about the three programs that I am considering. Also, please excuse any typos, as I am posting from my iPhone.

    CWI: Cheapest at under 10k total. Admissions rep has been very informative and personable. Two-year program. Competitive. Not accredited Nursing school.

    Apollo: Most expensive, I believe, at over 46k for LPN and RN *total. Year-round programs, three start dates. I am a graduate of 2007 from ther Massage Therapy program. Loved the school. Poor Nursing admissions rep. Very hay-wire class schedule; admissions rep said it was "impossible" to get me a current class schedule. Listed some classes off the top of her head and they were very scattered. But almost guaranteed spot in class. Admissions rep said I would have to find outside lenders to help pay for remaining tuition. Not accredited Nursing school.

    BSU: midrange cost, I think. Very competitive program. Not sure of schedule, cost, program specifics, or just how competitive they are. Accredited Nursing school.

    BSU scares me, as I've heard of people attending for five years and neve getting into the Nursing program. Do they offer RN or is LPN required? And is it Bach or Assoc? Also, do they do a lot of off-campus stuff? I cannot travel far, as I will have to keep working.*

    I would have to quit my current job either way, I'm pretty sure. Would probably go get my CNA and hopefully fnd a company that'll work with my school schedule (as my current work will not) and maybe even get help with tuition. But anyways, does anyone have any further info on these courses? I'm very lost. "/

    Such as how competitive the programs are? How hard they are to get accepted into? Etc.
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  3. by   ErinJane
    BSU is about 3.5K a semester. They only offer bachelors program now. And after the first semester you have 2 days of 8 hour off campus clinicals.

    It is extremely difficult to get in and you have to have your prerequisites out of the way before applying (A and P, chem, nutrition etc.). However, I like it. The nursing program can be frustrating, but that's the same at any school.

    Good luck!
  4. by   uRabbit
    Until now, I've been using craigslist to look for RN jobs to get a feel for the market. I just started looking on Indeed and it appears that having a degree from an accredited university is required for any great RN position. That leaves ms with BSU and BYU. At 3.5k per semester, I'm looking at at least 56k. Does BSU offer full financing? Or would it be wiser to go thru maybe a credit union?

    Also, other than pre-reqs, what does it take to get into the RN program?
  5. by   ErinJane
    You can fill out a FAFSA for federal student aid. I would suggest using federal loans considering that the interest rate is lower. If you qualify, you can also recieve pell grants and scholarships which do not need to be paid back.
  6. by   uRabbit
    I hope I do qualify. I used some in 2006 for college. But now I'm not living with my parents. Maybe that'll help.
  7. by   tokyoROSE
    This is way late, but I'd like to give more specific info about BSU's program for future references.

    COST: Roughly ~2.5k tuition/semester. You'll need to figure in costs of books and supplies and health insurance (if applicable)

    TYPE: BSU now only offers a BSN RN program. You do two years of prereqs, then you apply. NO WAIT LIST. If rejected, you can retake classes and apply again the next semester. It is supposed to be eight semesters total, but most people end up doing nine semesters because doing 14-20 credits per semester isn't very realistic with keeping GPA's up.

    SCHEDULE: Tends to change from semester-to-semester. The staff is always tweaking it per student feedback. On BSU's website, they do post a complete course schedule of the program that I always like to look at. Normally you'll have classes one or twice a week (they time the classes perfectly so you do not have a huge gap inbetween) and clinicals. You do not pick your schedule! Everyone has the same class schedule, but different clinical days and sites.

    ENTRANCE: Highly competitive. What is a "safe" GPA? I'd say aim for a 3.5 or higher. Anything below that you're rolling the dice. The way they calculate this GPA is not on overall prereqs. The classes that matter are BIO 227 & 228 (A&P), CHEM 101/102, 111/112, or 105, and MATH 124 or higher. With only 4 or 5 classes (depending on the chemistry), there is not much room for error.

    ETC: The grading scale in the program is the same as the university's except that 75% is passing. 74.9% is a failing grade. Labs and clinicals are all pass/fail, but trust me you are still going to actively work at it, there are graded tests here. Staff loves, loves, loves NCLEX style questions. If you don't know what those are, look it up.

    Any questions, feel free to PM me.
  8. by   Rachel-EMT
    Does anyone know how many people usually apply to the BSN program at BSU on average? Plus how many spots do they have? I am from Oregon and applied there for this Fall.

  9. by   tokyoROSE
    It depends on the semester, I would say anywhere between 400-600 is a good average. There are 60 spots. Good luck!
  10. by   Rachel-EMT
    Thanks for the reply! I am 7th on the alternate list for this you know anyone in the program who was on the alternate list? Just wondering what my chances are to get a's hard to decide if I should start planning on moving over there when I don't know if I will get a spot. I would appreciate any info! Thanks!
  11. by   Amberlee
    For your information, CWI is getting it's accreditation through it's partner school College of Southern Idaho. So you actually would end up graduating with a CSI diploma. I would not apply to Apollo or ITT Tech because they cost a fortune and are often not accredited. BSU is competitive, but all nursing programs are. If it's cost and time you are conserned about I'd choose CWI. It's partner school has an awesome program and it is bound to be just as good because it has to cover the same material. Good luck.

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